Oh Hello Stationery Co. Review April 2017

Oh Hello Stationery Co. is a planner sticker subscription box that also provides other fun items such as cards and washi tape!  Choose from a one time box to a three, six or twelve month plan.  You can also choose a greeting card subscription as a one time purchase or an auto renew plan.

Umm… So cute!  I love it when the box or envelope itself is decorated or themed.  It makes the whole experience of receiving the box just that much better.

I’ve reviewed a couple different planner sticker and stationary boxes already, but I immediately feel impressed by Oh Hello Stationery Co.  I love their envelope and the amount of items tucked away in this little guy is so impressive!  Each stage to opening the envelope felt exciting!

Get a load of all those stickers!  Wow, I can’t believe how much is provided already.  Usually with planner stickers you hardly get enough to cover one week or two weeks, but I actually feel like I have enough stickers here to get me through a month of planning.  They are all so perfectly matched in colour and theme.  I’m loving it.

This washi tape is so adorable!  I like that it’s not themed around a holiday or event, as this means I can use it from week to week or month to month without feeling like I’m spoiling it.

Included in our box is also a sampling of the greeting card subscription.  This month it’s focused on Mother’s Day!  Though two of the cards are Mother’s Day specific I also really appreciate that a couple generic cards have also been thrown in.  I absolutely love giving cards and I’m often looking through my stash for the perfect match.  I know all of these will get used up in no time.

The “I Believe In You” card is part of the planner sticker portion of our subscription.  This card is so hilarious!  I’m not sure if I want to give it away or keep it for myself.

Oh Hello Stationery Co. April 2017 – Final Thoughts

Love!  This kind of subscription is right up my alley, from the creative envelope itself to the amount of stickers included to all the amazing cards I love every single item!   The artwork on the cards is really fantastic.  This seems to be the direction card art is headed as well, simple, to the point, but funny.  I also really liked that some of the stickers provided matched the I Believe in You card.  It really gave a bit of a theme to the box, but not so overwhelming a theme that you might feel like you plan ‘wrong’ if you don’t use the items as directed.  You have to leave room for creativity!  What a smart, tidy little box!  Pretty happy with this.





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