Paper Card & Things Review March 2017

Each month, Paper Card & Things sends cute, creative and unique stationery items to subscribers. Started by a small team of expats living in Asia, boxes feature a fun theme every month and items in their boxes are handpicked and curated from Asia & Europe by them. They kindly sent us this box for review.

This is our first time reviewing Paper Card & Things!  I don’t know about you but I am a stationary lover!  I have to talk myself out of going down the stationary isle of most stores and I definitely have to stay away from journal sections, as I’ll spend my grocery money on yet another journal.  I won’t even talk about the stack of journals I have at home.  It’s going to take me three years just to use the journals I have!  But there is always room for more stationary!

The March theme for Paper Card and Things is “My Favourite Things”.  I’m already liking what I see here!

Thank You Greeting Card

You can never have too many spare cards on hand.  There are too many occasions to keep up with and I hate being caught off guard when it comes to giving a card or gift.  I love the look of this card and the message inside is really beautiful!  This is exactly the type of card I like to have on hand for those last minute grabs.

Gold Confetti Dots Notebook

I don’t classify this as a journal, so it’s allowed to stay!  It’s a really nice size.  Perfect for the purse or even a large wallet.  Ideal for list making or even sketching, as all the pages inside are blank and unlined.

Fashion Accessories Stickers

This pad of stickers is just too cute!  I love additions like this to boxes.  This will fancy up the gold confetti journal!

iPhone Memo Pad

Love this item!  It’s the size of an iPhone as well, so easy to take with you or keep in the car.  It makes me think of the small note pads we use to keep by the phone in our house as a kid.   Do people still do that?

Coffee Decoration Tape

Wow!  So fun.  I love items like this.  This would be great for planners and adding a fun little coffee cup to your coffee planned coffee dates!

Sound of Music Ruler

This item is a little less exciting, but it’s the only one that really seemed to fit the theme of “My Favourite Things”.  It’s a nice handy size.  Good for a pencil case or school supplies set.

Paper Card and Things March 2017 – Final Thoughts

I like the size of this box.  It’s not too big and overwhelming, but it also seemed a little underwhelming.  The theme didn’t really spread throughout the box and all the items to me.  I liked the greeting card and inclusion of a small note book.  The decorative tape was my favourite item!  I like receiving novelty stationary items, as these are what make subscription boxes so fun!  Over all it seemed like this box was a little sparse, but I love the idea and a few of the items are super useful!





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