Paper Card & Things Review August 2017

Each month, Paper Card & Things sends cute, creative and unique stationery items to subscribers. Started by a small team of expats living in Asia, boxes feature a fun theme every month and items in their boxes are handpicked and curated from Asia & Europe by them. They kindly sent us this box for review.

I am obsessed with stationery items!  Send me all the stationary boxes and I promise you it still wouldn’t be enough.  Does anyone else have a hard time leaving Staples without eighteen things you didn’t need?  I’ll be honest with you too… I don’t even really use a ton of stationary items, but it really doesn’t matter, because an obsession is an obsession without need of explanation.

These polar bear note papers and envelopes are just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!  Speaking of obsession, I use to be a little obsessed with polar bears.  There are two envelopes and four sheets of paper, just enough to write two little love notes.  I’ll probably write a love note to stationary and one to polar bears.

It really doesn’t get much better than stickers.  I use to collect stickers as a kid.  When we were out of line my mom didn’t give us time out, because we liked time on our own, she took away the sticker books for a day, weekend or week.  It was torment!  I still can’t get enough of stickers!

Post-it-notes are probably one of the greatest inventions out there.  Now that you can get post-it-notes shaped like arctic animals I’m really at a loss for a better item invented.  These are going to get stuck everywhere!  Don’t know what to write on them?  Doesn’t matter, I’ll just start labeling food in my fridge for the fun of it!  I think the arctic animals would get along very nicely in my fridge!

I don’t know if you can see it, but this is a tiny pen!  Ahh!!! This little rhino is actually magnetic, so you can stick it on a page within your note book and never lose your pen!  Unreal.  Such a good idea.  Now I want all of the “Big 5” in magnetic note pen form.

These are such cute little items.  I feel like these are more ‘bonus’ items in the box.  You can never have enough highlighter pens and these paper clips are just adorable!

I love writing in cards!  It’s totally my love language.  This card is so stunning!  I really like how there are a few different sticker messages you can place on the card to personalize it to the event you wish to use it at.  I recently pulled a card out of my stock to write for a friend at her fundraiser, only to realize it was actually a birthday card… No joke.  This happened yesterday.  With these stickers I would not make that mistake again!!  And yes, I still gave my friend the birthday card!

Paper Card & Things August 2017 – Final Thoughts

Just loving this little treasure of a box!  This is my third time reviewing it.  I will admit I wasn’t too impressed with the March box which was my first box, but the last two have really been enjoyable to receive, open and use.  I could quickly get use to this box and soon miss it if it stopped showing up in my mailbox.  Subscription boxes are actually a great way to keep those obsessions at bay.  If you know a little stationery gift is going to arrive in your mailbox each month, it makes it easier to forgo those spontaneous purchases!





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