Paper Card & Things Review July 2017

Each month, Paper Card & Things sends cute, creative and unique stationery items to subscribers. Started by a small team of expats living in Asia, boxes feature a fun theme every month and items in their boxes are handpicked and curated from Asia & Europe by them. They kindly sent us this box for review.

I reviewed this box back in March of this year and really liked it, but this month has impressed me!  I love a good stationery box and can’t really think of anything I would rather personally receive each month.

Let’s take a look at the May box, themed “Japan Dreaming”

All the graphics in this photo are actually tiny postcards!  Just too darn cute.  I have an obsession for post cards and use to collect them as a kid.  Some of these would be a little too small to send on their own, so a few beautiful envelopes have been provided.

I am such a sucker for paper planners.  I have not gotten use to using the calendar on my phone. I’m not sure I will ever use it.  I would much rather have a small planner in my purse that I can write in, scribble in or draw happy faces in.  This planner is not date specific, so it can be used any time!  I also love the pens and washi tape provided!  Just look at that geisha washi tape!

Here is a closer look at the washi tape provided.  I just can’t get enough of it!!

A quick look inside the planner will show you that you can select the month and date your planner will start on.  Maybe I’ll start this one tomorrow and forgo the current planner I have!

The cutest set of sushi stickers has been included!  I just may have to go for sushi every weekend so I can stick them all in my planner!

This birthday card is hilarious….

Told ya so!  Just so funny.  I love pop up cards and already know who I’m sending this gem to.

Paper Card & Things July 2017 – Final Thoughts

This box far surpassed the March box for me!  I felt a little confused by all the items provided in the March box, as they didn’t really fit the theme to me, but this…. this theme epic!  I fell in love with all the post cards, the planner is exactly my style and the birthday card was peeerrrrfect!!  I feel like this box turned a corner for me on this subscription and would highly look forward to the next month’s box!





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