Persephone’s Herbal Review April 2017

The primary mission of Persephone’s is to provide our customers with the knowledge of various herbs and their traditional uses, as well as some of the best body care products, herbs, spices, and scents.  Choose from a Tea Time subscription providing you with different teas of Persephone’s choosing each month or Herb and Spice with a different featured herb each month.  Can’t choose?  Pick the Full Harvest box and receive both!

For April’s Persephone’s Box we will be reviewing the Full Harvest!  I’m pretty excited about this, as I’m getting more and more into horticulture and herbs.  I recently purchased a book informing me of foraging in British Columbia and what’s edible in the wild.  Yea, it’s pretty hippyish, but it’s also awesome!  This box is totally my thing right now and I’m pretty excited to be reviewing it.

April’s featured herb is Jasmine.  I know nothing about Jasmine, so this is perfect!  In your guide you can read about the history of Jasmine as well as read up on medicinal purposes, uses and try out a few recipes!

Jasmine Tea

This tea looks so delicious!  I’ve never had a Jasmine tea before, but I do love my loose leaf teas and I’m always up for a new tea adventure.

Dried Jasmine

Enough dried Jasmine is provided to try out some of the recipes provided in your booklet.  I feel like I already want to venture off and try out my own creations!  I’m feeling pretty inspired already.

Jasmine Seeds

So cool!  A couple packets of Jasmine seeds are also provided.  I’m starting up a community garden this summer with some friends and I think I’ve decided my section will be mainly herbs, so this is perfect!  Bring on planting season!

Persephone’s Herbal Learning Box April 2017 – Final Thoughts

This might be my new favourite box!  I’m big on practicality and I’m big on herbs and plants right now, so I’m really feeling the love from Persephone’s right about now.  The booklet provided is so informative that even the newest of green thumbs would be able to figure it out.  I liked that three ranges of the herb was provided through seed, tea and dried.  This really gives a nice variety  in the box and gives a really great range of the product.  I feel super excited about this and can’t wait to try out some recipes and learn about Jasmine!  I could see this box being a real regular for me!





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