Pop Shop America Review May 2017

Pop Shop America is a Jewelry Box that is going to keep you looking fresh and sweet! Each box will be different – from long necklaces to stud earrings. Some are fun and bright while others are perfect for the office. This jewelry subscription comes from earrings regularly stocked in their handmade boutique – the earrings you receive are not giveaways or throwaways. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

Pop Shop America has a few different subscription options to choose from:

The Earring of the Month Club ($19 per month) –  Jewelry Subscription is here to keep you looking fresh and sweet! Receive new pairs of earrings from Pop Shop America plus loads of free goodies with every single box. Each pair will be different – from dangly earrings to stud earrings. Some are fun and bright while others are perfect for the office. No two pair are alike. Every pair is special and amazing and all jewelry is handcrafted by indie designers. Each box comes with special goodies for an extra bit of fun! Oh So Stylish Handmade Goods!

Handmade Jewelry Box ($24 per month) –  Get yourself the Handmade Jewelry Box by Pop Shop America for cool, handcrafted artisan jewelry! Every piece you will get is handmade and gorgeous with modern, fun and flirty designs. These are the pieces of jewelry you will want to wear for a lifetime. With each box you get two pieces of jewelry. From bracelets to necklaces, from tiny gemstone stud earrings to big party perfect earrings too! The best part is that this box gives you about half off these cool and gorgeous designs.

T-Shirt Monthly Box ($24 per month)  –  Cool indie designed t-shirts every month! Get the Pop Shop America t-shirt box and keep your style on point. All of our t-shirts and designed and printed by artists and indie design companies in the US. With this box you will get a t-shirt in your chosen size for guys and girls every month. Want some style inspiration?

Today we are having a look at the Jewelry Box, here’s a look at what we received:

Sterling Silver Terrarium Necklace

This is such a unique piece. The chain is very long and delicate and the focal point is super fun. It’s a silver arrow wrapped in moss. This would be the perfect piece for someone who loves the outdoors, hiking or gardening. It’s unlike anything I have ever received.

Silver Stacking Rings

I love, love, love these rings. They will go perfectly with my casual outfits. The only issue is the sizing. The arrow rings is great because it is adjustable, but the triangle ring is a little too big for any of my fingers. I will have to do a little more research but I couldn’t find anywhere during the checkout process where they ask you for your ring size. Just something to consider when signing up for a subscription.

Candy Button Earring Set

These aren’t really my style, but super cute nonetheless. I will probably gift them to my nieces, I have three so it works out perfectly.

Palo Santo Smudge Stick

What a fun little bonus item! I am all about the smudge sticks right now. I have a couple of them. I’m still getting the hang of them but almost have it down.

Pop Shop America Review May 2017 – Final Thoughts

Pop Shop America is a really fun jewelry box for subscribers who love handmade goods. The items we received this month are unique and unlike anything I have received in other jewelry subscription boxes. I love that they included a fun little bonus item and I like that they have three different subscription options. When I first reviewed Pop Shop America back in April of last year I’m pretty sure they were only offering an earring of the month club. This would make a great gift for anyone who loves artisan goods, I feel like these are pieces I would find at a Farmer’s Market and I actually really love that.





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