Powered Geek Box Review July 2017

Powered Geek Box is a monthly subscription service that provides epic geeks and gamers with a “Christmas morning, gift opening experience.” Their team goes around the world searching for the best newly emerged items to keep the excitement going every month.

What You Get: Geek Peek Box: 3-4 items; Premium Geek Box: 6-9 items.

Powered Geek Box is a great way to power up that inner geek with a great selection of toys, collectibles, shirts and keep sake items!  Let’s see what they provided us in this month’s box.

Transformers Lunch Box

I was super excited to see a lunch box!  I remember when I was a teenager looking for a perfect lunch box.  I ended up settling on a Muppet Show lunch box, which I actually still have.  There is something so classic about a tin lunch box.  I was a little sad to see that it did not include a thermos, but you can’t win them all.

Wooden Figure Featuring Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy

This was such a fantastic movie!  I’m really warming up to it.  I didn’t think I’d be the biggest fan of it, but it really is quite hilarious and I’m enjoying the items I’m receiving in relation to Guardians of the Galaxy.

Daredevil Keychain

Daredevil is so popular still!  It’s actually crazy.

Transformers Collectable Figurine

Another Transformers item to celebrate the up and coming movie!

Mashables – Transformers

I feel like Mashables are making a come back.  Is that just me?  Maybe they will replace those crazy fidget spinners.

Transformers T-Shirt

It’s such a great idea to include a t-shirt every month. It adds an additional element of surprise and also adds value.

Powered Geek Box Review July 2017 – Final Thoughts

Powered Geek Box is a great collection of geek centred items.  I would love to see an inclusion of a product card for more information on each item and why it was selected for this month’s box.  This month I would say there is an obvious theme of Transformers, which I love!  It does feel like the box is lacking something.  I’m not sure if this is because the size of the box seems quite big for all the items provided or if a bit more curation in the packaging would help give the box a more complete feeling.  Over all I think Powered Geek Box does a great job in providing desirable items to their receivers!  I’ve always been big on packaging and presentation though and I feel like this is where Geek Powered could really improve.





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