Powered Geek Box Review May 2017

Powered Geek Box is a monthly subscription service that provides epic geeks and gamers with a “Christmas morning, gift opening experience.” Their team goes around the world searching for the best newly emerged items to keep the excitement going every month.  What You Get: Geek Peek Box: 3-4 items; Premium Geek Box: 6-9 items.

Powered Geek Box has been around for a while now, but this is our first time reviewing it!  I really did think the geek in me was dormant once again, but I tell you, after opening this box I would say my inner geek has been fed again and is alive and well!  Can’t wait to show you what’s in this sucker.

At first glance my eyes just popped!  Wow!  There are some really quality items in here.  That can be a problem with ‘geek things’.  I find the quality isn’t all that good.  It’s more about producing product while a game, movie or item is hot.  This can cause a lot of poor products on the shelves that people jump at, just because it’s themed after something they love.  I don’t really get the impression that Powered Geek Box has jumped on the fandom train.

Harley Quinn Fabrikations 

These 6″ fabric creations are quality crafted with the collector in mind.  They are generously filled with dense foam to achieve a high end, super lush feel.  With free standing feet and rotating head, they are unlike any other collectible plush on the market.

I would call myself a Batman fan, but I’m not as familiar with Harley Quinn as I am say Two-Face, The Joker, Penguin, Harvey Dent or Bane.  This plush is a perfect example of the quality I was just referring to though!

Pixel Bricks – Street Fighter Ken

Hilarious!  I put in a lot of hours with Street Fighter as a kid.  I’ve never heard of Pixel Bricks before, but it’s like tiny lego.  So fun.  Who doesn’t love a lego set?!

Emergency Hip Flask

Flasks are making a come back!  They seem to be everywhere.  This one is pretty funny and I have a lot of friend who would love to add this to their collection.

Wonderland Notebook

I am a HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan!  I may or may not have squealed a little bit when pulling this gem out of the box.  This notebook is a perfect size and the line spacing is really great.  I also love that the pages inside carry the theme of Alice and aren’t just plain lined pages.

Wonderland Cotton Canvas Coin Purse

So darn cute!  I will get a lot of use out of this.  I already can’t decide if I want to use it for lipstick, decks of cards, make up, pencils or coins.  The old style art work for Alice is so amazing.  I love the pen style art work and have actually drawn quite a lot of Alice sketches in my life.

Punch’D Out Pencil Toppers

I always see items like these and love them, but never buy them for myself.  This is why I love subscription boxes, because you get things you love but wouldn’t normally purchase for yourself.

Batman Speed Opener

AH-Mazing!!  So great.  Like I said, I’m a Batman fan and my inner geek is just loving this item.

Megaman Backpack Hangers Surprise Pack

These types of surprise backs remind me of my allowance as a kid.  I was such as sucker for these.

Expressions of Vader T-Shirt

I love this shirt!  My friend just bought a mug for a friend that had this exact graphic on it.  So funny.  The shirt is a little big for me, so I will most likely give this away.  It’s also a little sad that I received this a day after May the 4th be with you!

Powered Geek Review May 2017 – Final Thoughts

I’m so impressed with this geek box!  There are so many items and they are all really great quality.  I recognized every item and was over the top excited about the Alice in Wonderland.  Each item was really high quality and exciting.  I like that they provided a real variety of items such a food/drink related, toys, building items and clothing accessory items.  The geek in me is really exploding with this box.  Out of the geek boxes I have seen and reviewed I would have to say this one is topping the charts for me.  There really isn’t anything I would have added or chosen to eliminate.  It was geek perfection.





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