Powered Geek Box Review June 2017

Powered Geek Box is a monthly subscription service that provides epic geeks and gamers with a “Christmas morning, gift opening experience.” Their team goes around the world searching for the best newly emerged items to keep the excitement going every month.

What You Get: Geek Peek Box: 3-4 items; Premium Geek Box: 6-9 items.

This is only my second month reviewing Powered Geek Box.  Last month was such a hit out of the park for me!  All the items felt really usable or fun and all the brands were recognizable for me.  But I have to say, this month’s box felt a little empty upon arrival.  I’m not sure if it’s because all the items themselves were relatively small, or if it’s because something was indeed missing, but I did feel very underwhelmed when opening the box.

Luigi Sampler

This product is part of a larger K,NEX set.  Also available in the set is Mario and a go-cart for each item.  I will always be a big fan of anything Super Mario Brothers!

Exclusive Shirt – The Joker

Batman is also a big hit for me!  Featured here is the classic Joker, which I love.  There are so many variations of Batman and The Joker now, but I like that Powered Geek Box is taking it back to the original!

Batman Playing Cards

Love!  Even more Batman items.  I use to always carry a deck of cards with me, so this pack will be right at home.

Zelda Back Pack Buddies

One of two backpack key chains can be found in your box!  We got Link.  Who did you get?

Mash’ems – Power Rangers

I’m not a huge fan of Power Rangers and this Mash’em item feels really weird to the touch.

Moncolle Pokemon

Another trinket toy featuring Pokemon!

Marvel Note Book

I love a good note book.  I also like how the graphics carry through the pages.

Powered Geek June 2017  – Final Thoughts

Last month was definitely a more exciting experience for me.  This box did seem a little lacking and outside of the cards and shirt I wasn’t really a huge fan of the items received.  When looking at Geek boxes I really want to see quality in the items and selections from brands that are current or classic.  The geek market can really be over populated, so you really have to work to stand out.  I’m not ready to give up on Powered Geek Box yet though, because last month was really over the top!  It can take a couple of months of receiving a box before you really get a feel of the flow.





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