Prims Way Review September 2017

Prims Way is a Monthly Jewelry Subscription Box of the Life of Prim. Prim is a young women that has always wanted to travel. Now that the opportunity has presented itself she wants to tell the world. Each month Prim will choose a selection of jewelry that goes with her story. Each box will have a piece of jewelry along with three other items that will tell her story during this time. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a Prims Way subscription you have four different options to choose from:

  • Upscale Urban – She makes bold choices and doesn’t follow trends, with an innovative style that defines the pulse of fashion.
  • Brilliant Bombshell – She has a sensational style, which is complemented with dazzling, bold choices, glitz and glamour.
  • Boho Chic – She is full of adventure and a sense of wanderlust; she loves unique styles that represent her creative spirit.
  • Class Act – She is chic and sophisticated, who prefers an Elegant and timeless style to complement her love for classic fashion.

This month we are reviewing the Boho Chic Box, here’s a closer look….

September Theme – Autumn Bliss

As the days get shorter we begin to notice a cooler breeze and a luster in the night sky. This lets us know Summer’s end is near. Incoming are the beautiful colors of the falling leaves, comfy socks and hot chocolate to keep us warm. On a crisp clear day we can breath in the fresh air, take a look around at nature’s beauty and know that change is imminent and beautiful. 

You don’t know how happy this month’s theme is making me. I love it when subscription boxes embrace the changing seasons and that’s exactly what Prims Way is doing. Bring on the cozy socks and hot chocolate……I’m ready!

Nibmor Organic 6 Spice Drinking Chocolate

I don’t drink hot chocolate very often (if ever) but I love the idea of curling up on the couch, watching the season premiere of Riverdale and enjoying a cup of coconut milk hot chocolate… you all know what I will be doing on Wednesday:)

Creative Maple Leaf Post It Notes

How cute are these!!! I use Post It notes all the time. I literally have a stack of them sitting beside me as we speak. It’s really fun to switch up your office stationery depending on the season. Especially when you work from home and sit in your office all day every day. It’s the little details that make like more exciting.

Kringle Touch of Autumn Candle

Crisp leaves underfoot and a cool change in the air. Touch of Autumn evokes memories of hearty meals taken with friends and family with its complex blend of warm spice notes.

Now this is my kind of candle! I love receiving candles in my subscription boxes, but I love it even more when they are seasonal. This one smells just like Fall. It’s warm and spicy and just plain awesome.

Autumn Harvest Sugar Scrub

I love a good body scrub, really I do. I have one in the shower at all times. I was hoping this one would have a bit more of a Fall scent but it’s a little more on the sweet side.

Autumn Leaves Cotton Socks

I LOVE  that they included a pair of socks in the Autumn themed box. I love new socks and I love for my feet to be cozy. These definitely have a Fall vibe, but they also kind of have a Summer vibe at the same time… that even possible?


Eeek!!! This ring is absolutely gorgeous!!! This is by far my favourite jewelry item we have received from Prims Way. I would LOVE to see more styles like this in future boxes. I love that it is simple but makes a statement at the same time. I love that it is rose gold and I love the little diamonds. It is absolutely perfect!

Prims Way Review September 2017 – Final Thoughts

Wow!! What a great box! Until now I have been raving about the February Prims Way box, as that has been my favourite to date, but the September box has taken its place on my favorites list. I absolutely love this month’s box. From the ring, to the yummy candle, to the cozy socks, and the hot chocolate mix. Everything is absolutely perfect for this time of year. Prims Way always does a really great job with their themes and the curation of each box. It’s definitely something that sets them apart from other subscription boxes in the same category and price range. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for the October box, and the November box, and the December box…… get the point.





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