Project Candy Box Review March 2017

Project Candy Box delivers to you a box of candy every month. Each box contains a variety of chocolate and candy that is sure to make your mouth water. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Ummm…..a box FULL of candy!! Who wouldn’t want this delivered to their door every month! There’s something about candy that makes me happy, and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

I recently discovered Project Candy Box, but they certainly aren’t a new box. They have been around since 2014, and did I mentioned that they are Canadian!! Ok, now I’m really excited.

Subscription Details

Project Candy Box subscriptions are pretty straightforward. You can sign up for a monthly subscription for yourself, or you can give it as a gift. In your monthly box, you will receive an assortment of items that are tied together with a fun theme. New products are created every day and they aim to seek them out and put them in your hands.

This month’s theme is International Treats – Travel the world from home this month by unboxing a carefully selected group of International Treats!

Wawel Fresh & Fruity Kwasne

Sour fruit flavored jelly candies, from Poland.

Jack ‘n’ Jill XO Butter Caramel Candy

XO Butter Caramel Candy are irresistible fresh butter caramel flavored hard candies from the Philippines.

Cream Collon

Crispy, decadent and delicious! These biscuit bites consist of a crunchy wafer biscuit filled to the brim with a smooth flavoured cream filling. 

Fudgee Barr

Inside-out goodness with rich, creamy, and mouth-watering fillings of Choco, Milk, Vanilla, Macapuno, Mocha and Durian inside the soft-fudgy, bar-shaped cake. The delicious, rich, chocolate bar that you love now comes in dark chocolate flavor. Fudgee Dark Choco– soft, moist, chocolate cake infused with with rich, creamy, dark chocolate filing.

Lucas Salsagheti

Watermelon Flavor hot Candy Strips and Tamarind Flavor Sauce.

Yorkie Original

YORKIE Original, five solid chunks of smooth, milk chocolate.

Double Dutch Caramel Waffles

A delicious waffle filled with a special caramel syrup filling. 

Ricolino Kranky

Ricolino’s Kranky are delicious chocolate covered corn flakes. This sweet treat is the perfect snack on the go, whether you’re going to the movies or to just eat it at home. Kids will love them too, Ricolino’s Kranky are a great snack for children’s school lunches.

Candy Land Dip Dab

For all those with a sweet tooth and a taste for nostalgic sweets, you must try Barratt Candyland Dip Dab. This hard boiled lolly comes with a sachet of zingy sherbet. Lick the strawberry lolly and then dip in the sherbet to give this sweet an extra kick!

Vero Manita

Strawberry and cherry flavoured lollipops. 

Ricolino Duvalin

Duvalin Bi Sabor is a delicious hazelnut and vanilla flavored candy cream, which is similar to pudding in its consistency. What makes it a fun treat is that you can mix both of its vanilla and hazelnut flavors to create an even tastier treat.

Project Candy Box Review March 2017 – Final Thoughts

Project Candy Box is one of the more popular candy boxes in Canada and now I see why. They have a really great subscription box on their hands. The packaging is fun, the price is reasonable, they offer a great variety of candy, and they base the items around a theme. Basically everything I look for in a subscription box they have covered. Seeing as this is my very first review, I wanted to do a little research and see what other themes I could expect from Project Candy Box. I wasn’t able to find any past themes, but I did find an upcoming theme. April appears to be an Easter themed box, and that is super awesome!! A holiday themed candy box! I think I am in love……





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