PupCrate Review February 2016 – Pet Subscription Box

I really enjoyed my first PupCrate, I reviewed it back in November, and they had some really amazing items in the box. I specifically remember the corduroy teddy bear that was so flippin’ cute I was tempted to keep it for myself. Sadly, I gave him to one of my puppy friends, along with the microwavable Pup Corn and Bacon Spray….yes there is such thing as Bacon Flavoured Spray…now do you see why I really liked my last PupCrate?

If you aren’t familiar with PupCrate it is a monthly delivery of toys, treats and other pet products. You can choose a box based on the size of your pup as well as their preferences (toys, treats or both). This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.

PupCrate February 2016 1 PupCrate February 2016 2

The Box: PupCrate

Cost: $29.95

What You Get: Each monthly box contains 4-5 treats (USA Made), toys and other pet products that have been hand selected by our staff.

Ships to: US & Canada

Shipping Cost: FREE to US & $8 to Canada

PupCrate February 2016 3

This month’s box has….you guessed it…..a Valentine’s Day theme! I think this is my favourite month of the year for subscription boxes. How can you not love subscription boxes that contain heart-shaped items!! Or is it just me? Regardless…..we are off to a good start.

PupCrate February 2016 7

Smudges by MoJo’s Morsels – These are Apple Peanut Butter flavoured and they are making me want to bake apple cookies for myself. They only contain three ingredients – apples, organic role oats and peanut butter.

PupCrate February 2016 9

Jack for Joy! by the Pressure Positive – Now this looks like a durable toy! It will be perfect for my puppy friend Jo who tears through all the toys I give her. It says that it is shatterproof and chip proof…..I’ll believe that when I see it…..

PupCrate February 2016 6

Organic Heart Ball by Hip Doggie – I’m starting to see a pattern with my PupCrate boxes….there always seems to be at least one item I want to keep for myself. I just don’t think I could handle seeing this cute little pink ball get slobbered all over….but let’s be realistic….what am I going to do with a crocheted heart ball….other than stare at it and enjoy its prettiness.

PupCrate February 2016 10

Heart Shaped Cookie by Preppy Puppy – Free of wheat, corn, and soy, and just so darn cute!

PupCrate February 2016 8

MyDoggy Soft-Baked Cookies – These were included as a bonus item and they sound amazing! They are apple honey flavoured and only contain 5 ingredients – rye flour, honey, egg, vegetable oil and dried apple. They nailed it with the treats this month!

PupCrate February 2016 5

Thoughts: I am really enjoying PupCrate! They curate a great box, and include great items. The fact that I want to keep the toys and treats for myself should say a lot. And can I just say how much I love the fact that there are so many natural doggy treats on the market these days? I love that the ingredient lists on both of our treats this month are minimal. If I’m so careful about what I put in my body, shouldn’t I be just as careful with the things my puppy friends consume? PupCrate is doing a great job if you ask me…..I wonder if the March box will have a green theme?





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