RawSpiceBar Review September 2017

RawSpiceBar is a subscription box that sends you global, authentic spice blends created by top chefs to your door every month. Fresh, recipe-ready flavor kits, delivered monthly. Cook global dishes, without the salt & sugar. Custom recipes for diets of all types. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Hmmmm…..it’s been a few months since I have reviewed RawSpiceBar as Shonah has been reviewing it and I feel like I am out of the loop. My package arrived with no information on the theme, what month it was for, etc. I only received spice and recipes. So, I had a quick look on their website and was even more confused. I think they may have switched from a monthly kit to a quarterly kit but I’m not 100% sure. I will have to do a little more research prior to our next review.

Any who……here’s a look at the spices I received this month….

Turmeric Japanese Curry

Japanese curry powder, or ‘kare raisu’, is known today as a thick stew of potatoes, carrots, onions, and either beef, chicken or seafood, served over rice and topped with pickles. Curry was introduced to Japan by the British in the mid 19th century, when India was under colonial British rule, and was originally considered to be Western cuisine.  Japanese curry has since been adapted since its introduction to Japan, and is so widely consumed that it can be called a national dish.  Enjoy this turmeric packed spice blend with beef, chicken, seafood or veggies or even as a stir-fry!

The recipe we received to go along with this spice blend sounds really good. I could easily make it vegan friendly by switching out the chicken stock for veggie stock. Of the three spices we received this month, this would be my favourite.

Seaweed & Sesame Gomasio

I wasn’t able to find this particular spice on the RawSpiceBar website so I don’t have a lot of info to give you. I can tell you that it is a blend of white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, sea salt, red chiles and other spices.

The Super Mushrooms

I wasn’t able to find this spice on the website either. Man, I am really feeling out of the loop here. This one is a blend of reishi mushroom, cacao, star anise, rose anise, cinnamon and liquorice root. I’ve very intrigued by the recipe that accompanies the spice blend. A cocoa latte with mushroom spice?

RawSpiceBar Review September 2017 – Final Thoughts

I feel quite unorganized and confused by this month’s RawSpiceBar review, hopefully I’m not missing anything. I didn’t receive a theme card like we usually do but after looking at each spice it’s safe to say that the September package has a Japanese theme. I wish I had a little more information to provide you with. I’m pretty sure RawSpiceBar is going through some changes, but I don’t have all the details as of yet. We’ll try to have more information for you prior to the next review.



RawSpiceBar is a spice shop offering spices, a seasonal spice subscription & spice set gifts.

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