RawSpiceBar Review Winter 2017

With RawSpiceBar you’ll get 6 freshly ground, seasonal spices & blends every 3 months. Plus, plenty of easy, seasonal recipes for all diets. They kindly sent us this box for review.

RawSpiceBar has made some changes to their subscription model since our last review so let’s go over the details…..

Subscription Details

Choose Your Plan: We’ll start you off with 6 seasonal, freshly ground spices & blends, to cook 2 meals/week for 4.

Recipes for All Diets: Fill out our 2 minute flavor quiz & we’ll send easy, seasonal recipes for using our spices with your diet.

Seasonal Shipments: Try new spices each quarter- from baking spices, Ethiopian, freshly ground chiles & more!

Here’s a look at the spices we received in our winter collection….

Sumac Sesame Za’atar

This Israeli zaatar spice is freshly ground in house from sumac, toasted sesame seeds, thyme and flaky sea salt for a nutty, floral flavor for dips, pizza & rubs.  Stir into olive oil and pile onto crusty bread or sprinkle on eggs, tuck into a Lebanese style pizza or use as dry rub on chicken or vegetables.

Recipe of Choice: Lebanese Lentils & Rice

Fennel Seeds

These whole fennel seeds have an anise, licorice and grassy flavor with spicy sweet notes and come from India.  Fennel is considered good for digestion and fennel tea is popular across the world.  In France and Italy, fennel is known as “the fish herb”, where it is added to vinaigrettes, roasted fish, meatballs, pasta sauces and sausages.  In India, fennel seeds are toasted in oil, for a less sweet and spicier flavor, and then ground or whole to breads, curries, dals and egg dishes.  Once ground, fennel will quickly lose its flavor so we recommend grinding in small batches and adding to the end of the cooking process for best flavor.

Recipe of Choice: Fennel Smoothie with Blueberries, Ginger & Beets

German Gingerbread

Ginger, coriander and star anise round out this deeply complex, more savory gingerbread spice blend. Mix into anything from gingerbread pancakes, coffee, traditional german gingerbread cookies, roasted vegetables or crispy, buttery baked nectarines.

Recipe of Choice: Gingerbread Granola

Moroccan Ras El Hanout

This freshly ground Ras el Hanout spice translates literally to “top of the shop” in Arabic. This is our go to for Morrocan tagines, couscous, grilled lamb or chicken. Ras el Hanout comprises the very best a spice merchant has to offer. Individual spices are freshly ground with toasted cumin & coriander, rose buds, chiles & turmeric and is expertly blended and incorporated into traditional Morrocan tagines, couscous or grilled lamb or chicken dishes.

Recipe of Choice: Moroccan Chickpea Tagine

Hawaij Coffee

This Yemeni spice blend comes in two varities, hawaij for coffee and hawaij for soup.  Hawaij for coffee includes freshly ground ginger, green cardamom, fennel and a handful of other warming spices.  This blend is perfect for adding to ground coffee and, by extension, pairs well with any number of coffee based baked goods, such as coffee cake or coffee donuts.  Enjoy!

Recipe of Choice: Turkish Coffee Cake

Malaysian Curry

This freshly ground Malaysian curry powder is an earthier, milder version of typical curry powders, with a turmeric base, cassia and fenugreek for an earthy sweetness, plus chiles to add heat.  We love this salt free curry powder in slow cooked stews, stir-fries and vegetable curries or sprinkle onto curried potato salad or tuna salad for a kick. Freshly ground in house weekly.

Recipe of Choice: Curry Pumpkin Soup

RawSpiceBar Review Winter 2017 – Final Thoughts

Wow! I am really loving the new RawSpiceBar subscription format. I am also really loving their updated website. The idea of receiving 6 spice blends each season really appeals to me. The amount of spice in each package has also increased, its enough to make at least a few recipes with each. They suggest transferring your spices to small glass jars once received and I absolutely love this idea. I was able to find all 6 spices on their website, there was a nice amount of information on each and the spice description is followed by recipe recommendations. Each spice has on average 2-4 recipe recommendations and I was able to find some really great vegan options. This season’s RawSpiceBar delivery is making me want to spend a day in the kitchen ASAP!



RawSpiceBar is a spice shop offering spices, a seasonal spice subscription & spice set gifts.

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