RenovateCrate Review August 2017

RenovateCrate Review August 2017 - A Year of Boxes

RenovateCrate is the monthly subscription box that delivers the latest home innovations, essentials and designs to your doorstep. Curated, tested and perfected by our team of homeowners and craftsman, each box is specially packaged for a specific part/room/function of your home. From kitchen tools to living room accents, bathroom amenities to patio/outdoor essentials, latest home technologies to seasonal specials, RenovateCRATE will pleasantly surprise month-after-month.

We got to review RenovateCrate for the first time back in May. We were super excited to discover this box because Home Decor Subscription Boxes are few and far between. The May box was great, it included a few items that I now use on a regular basis, but… looks like RenovateCrate has stepped up their game since our last review as the September box appears to be a lot more exciting than the May box. Super excited over here!

Here’s a look at the items we received in the August Box….

Hello Gorgeous Trinket Dish ($18)

From Kate Aspen, this “gorgeous” trinket dish is sure to be a great accent piece in any bedroom.

Trinket trays are the perfect item for a home decor box. They are a great little decor piece that will catch all your jewelry at the end of the day, or coins, or keys, etc….

Air-Cleaning Charcoal Satchel ($8)

A great functional piece for your closet. Hang the satchel around a coat hanger to eliminate any doors fabric can retain. 

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one of these. I received one in another box quite some time ago but I gifted it. Charcoal is my new favourite. It has so many uses/benefits. This wonderful little satchel is already hanging in my closet.

3-Piece Laundry Bag Set ($10)

A great way to preserve all of your delicate clothing. Throw socks and undergarments into these bags and toss them into your washer with ease of mind. 

These are awesome!! If you don’t own a laundry bag you must go out and get one……or see if RemovateCrate has any September boxes left. Laundry bags have saved me time, money and energy. I currently only have a small one for my bras and it works perfectly. I am beyond excited to have 3 more bags, all of which are different sizes.

Throw Pillow Cover Set ($20)

Hand selected modern designs that will work with almost any bedroom decor. 

When I think of home decor boxes this is the kind of item that comes to mind. These pillow covers are super cute and I love that they included two of them. It’s fun to switch up your pillow covers every season. This really was a great idea!

Concrete & Gold Planter ($10)

This sturdy planter makes a great home for succulents! The gold and grey colors will add style to any table or drawer top. 

I am a huge fan of grey and gold so this item is absolutely perfect for me. I’m not much into succulents but I will be sure to find another use for this piece. I will probably place it on my desk somewhere.

Lavender Buds Pouch ($5)

Place the lavender pouch inside a delicate garments drawer. Not only does it give off a fantastic aroma, but it also keeps pesky moths and other insects at bay. 

Lavender pouches are a wonderful way to keep your drawers smelling fresh. Not only is lavender a lovey scent, it’s also a calming scent. I would put one in every single drawer if I could. Love this!

RenovateCRATE Review August 2017 – Final Thoughts

Since reviewing our last RenovateCrate box a few things have changed. They re-designed their logo, changed their branding, spruced up their website, and changed their pricing structure. I am a HUGE fan of all the changes RenovateCrate has made. The box is gorgeous, the product card is easy to follow, the items we received this month are super fun, and overall they just give off a good vibe. The August box was a hit with me. I will get use out of all the items with the exception of one or two, but that’s only because they fit perfectly with my friends decor that I simply have to give them to her. If this is what we can expect from RenovateCrate going forward I have a feeling it is going to become one of the more popular home decor subscription boxes on the market.





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