Scent From Review March 2017

Scent From is a premium, travel-inspired candle box that includes a range of carefully selected scented products for the home. Each month the box is inspired by a different destination. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Last month I got to review Scent From for the very first time. Seeing as I am slightly obsessed with candles, I ended up loving my first box! Oh, and did I mention that the February box also included a coffee mug and chocolates??? Really, does it get any better than that! This subscription box is absolutely perfect for me.


March Theme

Each month is inspired by a different destination and this month we are traveling to Bangkok!

A clear stream becomes an opalescent, pink blossom speckled river that cascades between mountaintops, reverberating like the om of Theravada monks. Alongside, a herd of elephants salute the sunrise and not too far from them the jungle tigers roar birdsongs. The river wends and winds between the temples of War Arun and Was Pho, where resplendent reclining Buddha greet those willing to walk a lesser trodden path. Through the city, the sound of falling water is replaced by ranat pi and klong, and the cries of street vendor with a fig flower on her wrist who promises the sweetest and spiciest food that Baht can buy. 

Buddha Head Oil Burner

This ornate oil burner embodies the pure, calm serenity that is associated with the Buddhism philosophy. With the use of white ceramic it will add a decorative touch to any room, and is perfect setting for your accompanying wax melt. 

How fun is this oil burner! I absolutely love receiving items like this. I really feel like home decor items get the shaft when it comes to subscription boxes, so it’s always that much more exciting when I do see them in boxes. This particular burner might not be something I would have picked out for myself, but I’m still excited to have it in front of me.

Natural Wax Tin Candle – Oriental Fig

Wrapped in our bespoke Scent From Bangkok cityscape, this candle will burn for 40 hours diffusing sweet fruit aromas around your home. Fig as a scent is known for its calming properties, reminding you of the exotic taste of the east. 

Oh my goodness, I think I am still getting use to the fact that there’s a subscription box specifically for candles and things. I know there’s a couple others on the market, but as of right now Scent From is one of the only one I review, and I absolutely love it. This month’s scent is lovely for Spring. It’s sweet and fresh and I can’t wait to burn it.

Flower Tealights

10 unique scented flower tea lights in a variety of shapes and colours for any room. Bright with colors and dotted with soft lily pads, they can whisk you away to an oriental garden. 

These are just way too gorgeous. How on earth am I going to bring myself to burn them!

Wax Melt – Thai Lime & Mango

From our partner, Flamingo Candles, we bring you one of their favourite new scents: Thai Lime & Mango, whose sweet hues will swirl around your room and fill your senses with Thailand’s charm. 

I’m very happy that they included a wax melt to go with our burner. Nothing frustrates me more than receiving an item in a subscription box that I can’t use right away. The fact that they sent us a wax melt makes me very happy. It completes the box.

Scent From Review March 2017 – Final Thoughts

As you can tell from my enthusiasm, I am a huge fan of Scent From. I LOVE the idea of a candle/home decor subscription box. Each month I receive a new candle and something cute for my home. It really is the perfect little subscription. And how great would this be as a house-warming gift! I also really love the fact that they have a new theme every month.

PS – This coming month’s theme is Barcelona. I haven’t seen any spoilers yet, but from what I can tell it looks like it will be full of lemon and orange and citrusy goodness!





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