Secret Of The Month Review March 2017

Secret Of The Month (SOM box) offers a truly unique and pampering “Korean-style” experience for women on their “secret-day of the month.” The SOM box includes 28-30 unique Korean sanitary pads, a pouch for pads, a heat patch for cramps, goodies that change every month! They kindly sent us this box for review.

When you sign up for a Secret Of The Month subscription you have 3 options to choose from:

  1. Guierang (Oriental Herb Scented)
  2. Lillian (Fluffy Baby Powder Scented)
  3. OrganicBon (100% Organic US Cotton)

Once you choose your pad preference you then choose a secret departure date for your SOM box between their three secret departure dates every month.

Here’s a look at the items I received in my very first Secret Of The Month box:

Korean Sanitary Pads

Each box contains 28-30 sanitary pads. I received a mixture of x-small, medium, large and x-large.

Pouch for Pads

Here we have a handy little pouch for you to carry your pads. You could put this in your purse or gym bag. I like the convenience.

Heat Patch for Cramps

This is a genius idea. I wish all Time of the Month boxes included a heat patch like this. I could certainly use a regular supply of these.


This month we received an adorable pair of socks, cute little earrings, and two bracelets that can also be used as hair elastics.

Secret Of The Month Review March 2017 – Final Thoughts

I think Secret Of The Month is a great time of the month subscription for anyone who prefers sanitary pads to tampons. The box is adorable from beginning to end – the packaging, the product card and the fun little goodies. I also have to say that the price is extremely reasonable. At $15 per month you really can’t go wrong.





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3 comments on “Secret Of The Month Review March 2017

  1. Leslie says:

    If only they had tampons. I have been looking for a TOM box that I really want; I kind of like many, but there is not one that stands out yet, this would be the one. If you are listening secret of the month club, please offer a tampon option, most U.S. women over age 16 prefer tampons to pads. Not everyone, but most. The little treats are adorable and are just the right type of sweetness to have during that trying time each month. Thanks for exposing us to this new box, Sara!

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Leslie !!

      When we were designing our product lines, we have considered including tampons before, but as we aim to provide only the best and quality proven feminine care products that distinctively provide pleasant experiences to our SOM ladies, we only selected Korean pads that people found unique and different from normal sanitary pads, which we are yet to find from a Korean tampon product. Also since we are aware of the risk of tampon shock syndrome as well, we have been more careful in selecting a tampon line for our products and we are actively looking for such quality Korean tampons in the market. As soon as we find quality Korean tampons that meet our standard, we will procced to include it in our products. Your thoughtful comment help us a lot and we truly appreciate it !!

      Also, thank you for your kind comment on our unique goodies, pad pouch, heat patch and monthly gifts. We strive to bring more excitement to make our SOM ladies’ time of the month happier!

  2. Just to kindly let you know, our first SOM box is only $9.95 + shipping !!!

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