Shirts on Tap Review 2018

Shirts on Tap is a Box Club for Beer Fans! Each month, they team up with breweries all across America to design sweet custom brewery shirts! They send those shirts to their members along with coupons to their tasting room, a brewery sticker, a short write up about the brewery, discounts on local beerfests, and more! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a Shirts on Tap subscription you have a few options to choose from….

Choose Your Box: Choose the City you’d like to receive shirts from! This is just your DEFAULT city. Each month, you will be given the option to swap it out to any other city free of charge. If they don’t hear from you, they will send you the box from your default city each month!

Choose Your Shirt: Choose your Style of Shirt!

  • Men:
    • Soft Cotton – Fitted, lightweight soft cotton made by NextLevel
    • Heavy Cotton – Less form-fitting, tubular shirt made by Gildan
    • Tank Top – Show those guns off each month with a sweet tank.
  • Women:
    • V-Neck – Lightweight soft cotton made by NextLevel
    • Crew Neck – Lightweight soft cotton made by Bella
    • Tank Top – Tri-Blend Racer Back tanks by NextLevel

Choose Your Design Location: All of their shirts come with at least 2 print locations– some people like the big print on the front of the shirt, and others prefer the large print on the back of the shirt. Since they do all of the printing in-house, they let their members choose! This option can be switched up each month very easily!

Here’s a sampling of shirts from Shirts on Tap. We received 2 women’s tops and 2 men’s tops…..

Men’s T-Shirt – Portland, OR

First up we have a men’s t-shirt featuring a brewery from Portland, OR. This is the soft cotton style which is said to be fitted and lightweight. As far as the design of the shirt goes……I am in love!!! It’s absolutely perfect and the fiancé will definitely wear this. I love that they went with basic colors and I love that the graphic on the front isn’t too over the top. We are off to a great start!!!

Men’s T-Shirt

Next up we have a men’s t-shirt featuring a brewery rom San Diego, CA. Here again we have the soft cotton style, fitted and lightweight. The graphic on this one is quite big compared to the last shirt but I still really like it. The black/white combo tones down the graphic and I actually really love the look of it.

Women’s Tank

Now we are on to the ladies tops and we are starting off with a tank featuring a brewery from Dallas, TX. The brewery is White Rock Alehouse & Brewery and the style of the tank is awesome. The graphic has a bit of a summer vibe which is perfect for a tank top. I love the loose fit of the tank and I really like the brewery logo on the back.

Women’s Crew Neck

Lastly we have women’s crew neck featuring a brewery from Denver, CO. The top is lightweight and fitted. The material is soft. The graphic is quite big and has a bit of an old-school vibe to it. This will be great with a pair of skinny jeans and an oversized cardigan.

Shirts On Tap Review 2018 – Final Thoughts

For today’s review we got to have a look at 4 different shirts from the Shirts on Tap product offering. I feel like I have a really good idea of what this subscription is all about and so far I love what I see. They have a number of different options to choose from for both men & women. They have really great packaging and the shirt graphics aren’t too over the top. Oh…..and the price point is pretty great as well. I’m thinking this would make a great gift for the man in your life. Wouldn’t you agree??





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