Sips By Review July 2017

Sips By is a personalized tea subscription service that matches subscribers with teas from different brands around the world based on their profile settings. They share educational and fun content related to samples received, too!

What You Get: 4 personalized tea samples, informational card, disposable tea bags.

This is my first time reviewing Sips By!  I just love a good tea box.  You really can’t have enough tea.  It’s just not possible!  Let’s see what Sips By has given us this month.

Coconut Assam

A perfect balance of the bold richness of hearty Assam black tea and the subtle sweetness of coconut.  Goes well with coconut or almond milk and some agave or honey!

Mmmmm… Coconut tea sounds so delicious!  I’ve never heard of Assam.  Sounds like it’s a form of black tea.  I really like the look of the leaves of this one.  I think I would pair it with honey.

Sage Rose White Tea

A soothing, nourishing blend that is both savory and floral!  Sage is antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory, and helps with digestion, memory and cognition.

I have to admit my white tea knowledge is not as good.  I can’t say I often choose it when purchasing my own tea, however, this is exactly why subscription boxes are so great; they introduce you to new things and often delicious things as they are specially selected!  Can’t wait to try.

Purple Jasmine

A cup of Purple Jasmine is fresh and delicate.  The enchanting fragrance of real jasmine blossoms creates the perfect pairing of tea and flowers.

I do really like Jasmine tea!  Floral teas are a favourite of mine in the summer and I can’t wait to sip this one by the sunset!

Peppermint Leaves

Refreshing, clean, and light.  Peppermint aids digestion, soothes a cough or cold and helps with mental alertness!  We love infusing it into cooling summer drinks.

Love peppermint tea!  I have to say this is one of my favourite teas to have cold!  Believe it or not I’m all out of peppermint tea at the moment, so this has come at the perfect time!

Steeping Bags

I really like that almost every tea box out there provides steeping bags!  I personally prefer the metal steepers, as these can be washed and reused, but the thoughtfulness of providing infusing bags is so great.

Sips By July 2017 – Final Thoughts

I just love a good tea box!  I really liked the variety Sips By provided.  I liked that all teas were sourced from different companies as well.  I’m excited to try all the blends and even ice one or two of them.  It’s also nice having different amounts of tea provided in each sample.  One you may use up in one steeping but others might last a second or third taste.  Sometimes my tea cupboard can get a little overwhelming, so to have a sample last just one steep can be really nice.  Sips By also lets you know where you can purchase more of your favourites and even offers coupon codes for your first time purchase!  So cool!  There is nothing worse than finding a tea you love and not being able to find more of it once it’s out.





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