Sky of Blue Cards Mother’s Day LetterBox Review

LetterBox By Sky of Blue Cards are seasonal stationery and lifestyle collections thoughtfully curated by Sky of Blue Cards’ founder & designer Karla Ebrahimi. They kindly sent us this box for review.

This will be our first time reviewing the LetterBox from Sky of Blue Cards. We are all big stationery fans around here and couldn’t wait to see what this box was all about. Today we are looking at their special Mother’s Day box……and what’s better than a limited edition box for such a special day!

Regular Subscription Details

LetterBox by Sky of Blue Cards is a seasonal subscription. Each box will include 5 of their gorgeous and chic letterpress cards, 5 custom-designed postage stamps, as well as at least two luxe lifestyle items and letter-writing accoutrements.


They also offer LetterBox Lite!

LetterBox Lite is a monthly subscription. At the start of each month a sturdy kraft mailing envelope will arrive containing three letterpress cards. One of the included greeting cards will be themed specifically to that particular month (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.), the other two selections will range from birthday greetings and other everyday occasion cards, to note cards and thank you cards. Each card will come with a corresponding envelope with a special-designed U.S. postage stamp already in place for mailing. LetterBox Lite can be canceled at anytime.

Today we are looking at the special Mother’s Day Box and we couldn’t be more excited.

Mother’s Day LetterBox

The 2017 Mother’s Day Specialty LetterBox is all about giving Mom time for herself that includes plenty of relaxation. This box will include the following luxury items:

Five Letterpress Cards (Note Cards & Thank You Cards) & Postage Stamps

What a cute mixture of cards. They are all very simple, and pretty. I like that they aren’t over-the-top. And how sweet are the stamps!!

“Unstoppable” Pen

I’m a firm believer that no stationery box is complete without some sort of pen or pencil. If I get new cards, I want a new pen to go with them. This one is cute and pink and it writes well.

“Just Breathe” Clear Vinyl Motivational Sticker

This is such a tiny little detail, but a cute one nonetheless. You could put it on a water bottle or your computer. I actually really love this.

“Lavender Chaparral” Luxury-Scented Travel Tin Candle

I love to have candles burning in my office, especially on my stressful days. I make a cup of tea, put on something comfy, light a candle and get to work. This is a really great addition to the box.

Traveler’s Tin of 6 “Get Relaxed” Herb Tea Bags

I love anything that comes in a travel tin!! Perfect for your purse. This way you have your tea with you at all times.

“Moms Never-Ending To-Do List” Notepad

I am obsessed with making lists so this item speaks to my heart. I love that it has different sections – misc. errands, grocery/other, kids after-school, and phone calls.

8×10 Letterpress “Mommin’ Hard” Art Print

This was the first thing I saw when I opened then box, and it was love at first sight. Art prints may seem like simple items, but I absolutely love receiving them in my subscription boxes. They are the perfect way to dress up your office space. I like to switch mine out every couple of months.

“Macarons Mom” Mother’s Day Cards (for your gift message)

This is the sweetest little card ever! It’s so nice of them to give you the option to include a gift message to Mom.

Sky of Blue Cards Mother’s Day LetterBox Review  – Final Thoughts

Sky of Blue Cards did an amazing job with their Mother’s Day Box. Ashley and I looked through this one together and we were both so impressed. They get an A+ when it comes to packaging and curation. This box is so pretty……from beginning to end. All the little details don’t go unnoticed. The bow to hold the cards together, the way they have placed things in the box, the card for a sweet message to Mom, and the fact that everything is coordinated. This really would make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day!





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