Society Socks Review August 2017

Society Socks is a funky sock subscription with a social cause. With every pair of socks purchased, they will donate another pair to a youth homeless shelter.  What you get: 2 Pairs of Funky Socks, along with 2 pairs of socks donated to a youth homeless shelter in your name. They kindly sent us this box for review.

I love, love, love sock subscriptions!  I would seriously subscribe to them all if eating and paying for a roof over my head wasn’t a necessity!  I do have to say, I think Society Socks is my favourite subscription.  I have always loved funky socks and to have two random pairs sent to me each month is like a dream come true.

I am 100% in love with both these pairs of socks!  Purple and polk-a-dots happen to be two of my favourite things.  I also can’t help but jump on the flamingo train this summer.  They have been absolutely everywhere and I’m just loving it.

Lavender purple is truly one of my favourite colours!  I am also a sucker for polk-a-dots.  These socks are such a win in my book.  I also looked them over and thought they might just be the perfect pair of socks for a fancier occasion.  Can you just picture these peeking out the pant leg of a well-tailored suit?!

Ok, seriously flamingos.  These are amazing.  I just love a good cheeky pattern and there is nothing better than flamingos dancing all over your feet.

Society Socks August 2017 – Final Thoughts

In love.  I always am though.  Being summer I haven’t been wearing socks as much, ok, so never.  This means all the socks I have been receiving have been going to the boyfriend.  And he’s loving it!  It’s a good thing I can borrow back any pair I want at any time though because some of these are just too good to gift away 100%.  I have to share a photo my boyfriend posted on Facebook a few weeks back after a Society Socks review.  Not only is it a funny photo, but it shows you that you don’t have to be an office junkie to wear funky socks to work every day!  My handsome man is the sock stylist on any job site! <3


Society Socks

Bold Socks with a Social Cause! For every pair of Society Socks you buy, we donate another pair to those in need.

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