Society Socks Review November 2017

Society Socks is a funky sock subscription with a social cause. With every pair of socks purchased, they will donate another pair to a youth homeless shelter.  What you get: 2 Pairs of Funky Socks, along with 2 pairs of socks donated to a youth homeless shelter in your name. They kindly sent us this box for review.

I was away for a little while there and wasn’t able to review boxes for AYOB.  I was in a store recently that had a bunch of funky socks and I said to my husband… “I miss my sock boxes!”.. I seriously did though.  Socks have really made a come back, did they ever really go anywhere though?  You know what I mean… Patterned socks are out of control right now!  They seem to be the top gift in the stores for Christmas and I think everyone will be getting crazy socks in their stockings!

Speaking of come backs, LOVING the new packaging for Society Socks!  This is brand new just this month and I’m a huge fan!

The November Society Socks is completely awesome!  These patterns are fantastic!  They might be a little summery for my taste right now, I’d prefer something a little more fall or winter themed, but they really are too awesome to care.

Fiesta Pattern

I’m in love with the colour of these socks!  The bright red will go with pretty well anything, because they are your statement piece.  These socks look ready for some tacos and a fiesta!

Cacti Pattern

Love the cacti socks!  Cactus, pineapples and flamingos were all the rage this summer it seemed.  I was completely on board.

Society Socks November 2017 – Final Thoughts

Society Socks really can’t do wrong in my books.  Their socks have always been great quality, I have loved every pattern I’ve received and the cause of their subscription is amazing.  In case you don’t know, Society Socks gives socks to those in need with every subscription!  With the colder months coming here in the North this really is something to pay attention to.  We love boxes that give back and pay attention to the needs of their society.


Society Socks

A funky sock subscription with a social cause. With every pair of socks purchased, we will donate another pair to a youth homeless shelter. Socks are the least donated, but […]

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