SpiceBreeze Review August 2019

SpiceBreeze is a monthly subscription box that delivers 4-5 spice kits to your door that allow you to travel around the world through its authentic cuisine. It brings a journey of 2-4 different countries to your doorstep just by opening the envelope where these aromatic and delicious spices come!

In your SpiceBreeze kit each month you receive spices and recipe cards to recreate 2-4 countries’ dishes from across the globe! The flavors being delicious and fresh, they’ll transport you right to another country!

As soon as I opened the August SpiceBreeze package I could smell the divine aromas of these dishes and I am so excited to try them! Going abroad is pretty cool, but when we can’t, this is as close as it gets!

Mechoui With Couscous – Moroccan Culinary Spice Kit

For this recipe you need lamb loin that can be substituted with beef sirloin, beef or pork or chicken breast or potatoes for a vegetarian option. SpiceBreeze lists tons of variations for you to adapt this meal to your preferences and 3 different spice kits. One contains cumin, coriander, paprika, garlic and turmeric, another with cumin, turmeric and garlic and the third to add to taste with red chili peppers. The photo shows the lamb charred and crispy, can’t wait to try this recipe!

Anticuchos – Peruvian Culinary Spice Kit

Anticuchos have a long history dating back to the pre-Columbian era of the Incas. Initially, they were made of llama meat (poor llamas!) but the Spaniards changed the meat, added new spices and put the meat in skewers. Today Anticuchos are made of beef heart (what?), chicken or steak. The kit contains roasted garlic, Peruvian aji, amarillo pepper, salt, cumin, black pepper and annatto.

Lahmacun- Turkish Culinary Spice Kit

This is a pizza style dish from the Eastern Mediterranean region of Lebanon and Turkey. The meat topping is mixed with summer vegetables wich makes it refreshingly juicy. Its eaten rolled up with or without salad filling. The kit includes: Paprika, Turkish pepper, anardana (pomegranate) and oregano.

Moussaka – a la Kleftiko – Greek Culinary Spice Kit

This is a very different dish and with the kit you can make two, to try the authentic version and the version adapted in Greece, both sound delicious. The kit includes black pepper, thyme, cinnamon and bay leaves.

Extra Spice Pack- Makrut Lime

The last few deliveries we’ve gotten a little extra pack of spices to try out. This month we received Makrut Lime, that is meant to add as a tabletop spice to light sauces or soups with fish poultry and/or coconut milk or sprinkle over fresh fruits and salads. Also, it can me mixed with ice cream or desserts with vanilla as the main flavor. I took a taste and for me its very similar to matcha but I cannot wait to try this!

SpiceBreeze Review August 2019 – Final Thoughts

I love how every month we can travel to different countries and visit new cultures through flavors and aromas with SpiceBreeze. Each dish is easy to make, they don’t require exotic ingredients yet the spices and final result are very authentic!

Lucia – https://luciametcalf.blogspot.com/




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