SpiceBreeze Review December 2018

I’m here again with another amazing month of SpiceBreeze, the culinary spice subscription that brings 2-4 recipes along with their spices to take you around the globe.

This month’s spice collection was all about celebrating.

With December’s SpiceBreeze kit we traveled to Iran with a magnificent looking Persian dish, to the island of Aruba with a delicious Caribbean meal, and to Malaysia and Germany with two flavorful dishes perfect to experience different countries and their traditional cuisine!

As soon as I opened the SpiceBreeze package I could smell the divine aromas of these dishes and I am so excited to try them! Going abroad is pretty cool, but when we can’t, this is as close as it gets, right?

Subscription Details

Cost is $5.90 – $11.85 per month depending on the size of the box.

There are two SpiceBreeze box sizes:

Duo Box: Cook 2 dishes from 2 countries per month. All recipes offer plenty of variations.

Quad Box: Cook 4 dishes from 2 to 4 countries per month. 2 dishes are the same as in the Duo Box with plenty of variations. 2 dishes can be selected from a monthly list.

For each dish, you get a simplified global recipe and freshly ground spices, pre-portioned in little pouches.

Shipping: Free U.S. shipping.

Select the shipping schedule for your first SpiceBreeze box at checkout.

Recipe 1: Laksa Lemak from Malaysa

This recipe might seem familiar to you because it has a lot of similar ingredients to pho, which I love. It calls for noodles and shrimp and brings 2 spice packs to complete the ensemble that looks absolutely delicious and perfect for Winter.

Recipe 2: Holiday Feast from Germany

This loos like a typical turkey dish but don’t be fooled, this is actually made with roasted goose in Germany, but you can use a whole chicken and gnocchi instead of dumplings and you’ll have some unique flavors here. You get two different packs of spices to complete this dish.

Recipe 3: Keshi Yena from Aruba

This looks like an amazing skillet cheese with all the works and I can’t wait to try it. The spice kit brings some black pepper, garlic, onion, shallots, oregano and sage among others.

Recipe 4: Khoresh Fesenjan

Khoresh Fesenjan is one of the best dishes in the Persian Cuisine and present during the longest night of the year and the beginning of winter. This is a delicious stew that can be cooked quickly and the flavors are unique and highly tasty.

SpiceBreeze is your first stopover to discover popular dishes from around the world, meal by meal! You can also get more recipes on their website!

Treat yourself to the enchanting flavor of freshly ground spices and herbs. Make the test and compare them to the spices in your pantry!

Can’t wait to cook these and eat them up with my family. This also makes a great present for someone who loves to cook!

Lucia Metcalf – http://laughingwithoutanaccent.blogspot.com




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