SpiceBreeze Review February 2019

SpiceBreeze is a spice culinary kit that only costs $5.90 – $11.85 per month and delivers 2-4 spice kits to your door for you to cook delicious meals from around the world. You can experience flavors from different countries without leaving your home! Travel through the sense of smell and taste with these practical spice kits and step by step recipes with pictures!

February brought 4 different dishes from 4 different destinations of the globe and it kept the love theme present.

The spices come in little baggies inside a folded card stock sheet. On the outside we get a photo of one of the world destinations we’re visiting and inside there’s usually a design that has to do with the month’s theme. This time, it was love. Inside we not only get the spices but 4 recipe cards that are scored to be folded in half for easy storage. There you’ll find the ingredients list, step by step directions and a photo of how the dish looks finished.

February took us to Turkey, Trinidad, Brazil and France!

Recipe 1: Biber Dolmasi from Turkey

This meal is an aromatic mix of stuffed vegetables and are a Turkish specialty. Using small green peppers and a mix of ground meat and rice, you can add the spice kit to make it authentic. The kit includes paprika, Aleppo pepper, mint, cumin and black pepper.

Recipe 2: Doubles from Trinidad and Tobago

This looks like a delicious garbanzo bean dish on top of two flat breads and topped with a fruit chow. It’s sour, sweet and salty and the spices include cumin, amchoor, turmeric, yellow mustard, curry leaves, fenugreek, onion, ginger, coriander, cayenne, cilantro, garlic, cardamon, black pepper and cinnamon and there’s an option to make it hotter adding the second kit with scotch bonnet pepper.

Recipe 3: Vatapá

This is a popular street dish originally from Africa. Can be served with shrimp or without and the spice kit includes Annatto seeds, turmeric, ginger, cumin, white pepper and bay leaves.

Recipe 4: Crepes

Last but not least, from the Country that gives us the city of love, we get a Crepes recipe with beetroot powder to make them a pink color. Savory crepes are extremely popular, not only in France but in other countries and are very versatile, and the second spice kit gives it a Japanese touch with Togarashi, a blend of chili pepper, orange peel, black sesame seed, seaweed, white sesame seed, Sansho pepper and ginger.

SpiceBreeze Review February 2019 – Final Thoughts

February’s SpiceBreeze kit took us all around the globe to different poles. From France to Turkey, Brazil and close to the Ecuador in Trinidad. Love exploring foods from different places in the world and feeling a little closer to their people by enjoying the flavors that they get to taste every day! SpiceBreeze makes it possible with the awesome spice kits for as little as $12 a month and free shipping!

Lucia Metcalf – http://laughingwithoutanaccent.blogspot.com




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