SpiceBreeze Review July 2018

With SpiceBreeze you get to discover popular meals from around the world with minimal time and effort. Receive each month simple recipes for 2 or 4 selected entrées with delicious flavors from different regions of the world. Includes freshly ground pure spices, pre-portioned for easy cooking and no waste. Add 2 to 5 fresh ingredients. Enjoy pure authentic flavors and relax. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Spices are a wonderful thing if you think about it. They allow you to get creative in the kitchen, they can completely transform a dish, and they are a great way to add flavour if you are limiting ingredients such as fat, dairy and/or sugar. Since becoming vegan (quite a few years ago) I have realized the importance of spices which is why I appreciate a subscription such as SpiceBreeze.

Subscription Details

The Box: SpiceBreeze

Cost: $11.85 per month (Quad Box) or 5.90 per month (Duo Box)

What You Get:

  • Choose to cook 2 or 4 global meals per month with either a Duo Box (includes 2 kits) or a Quad Box (includes 4 kits).
  • Each kit contains a simple global recipe and the freshly ground spices, pre-portioned in little pouches.
  • Additional recipe inspiration included in the box and available on our social media channels.

Ships to: US (free) & Canada ($1-$2)

Here’s a closer look at our July spices…….

Carne Asada

Get a new twist for your BBQ with Columbian-Mexican-Venezuelan Carne Asada. The tender meat with a lime-tangerine-chipotle flavour is served with the king of salsas. In Venezuela, there is no BBQ without Guasacaca sauce. Don’t be fooled by its similar look to Guacamole.

Our spice kit includes:

  1. tangerine peel, cumin, garlic, black pepper, oregano
  2. chipotle flakes

This is a meat dish that calls for sirloin beef, you can also make it with chicken.


This simple fresh summer dish is a specialty from Laos. Larb is an exotic sour-salty salad with cooked ground meat and fresh herbs. It’s originally very hot and served with unseasoned vegetables to balance the intense flavour. Our seasoning provides the basic with a mild hotness. Add as many fresh chilies as you can take.

Our spice kit includes:

  1. lemongrass, amchoor, garlic, lemon peel, chili, coriander, ginger, star anise, cilantro, onion, basil, cumin, white peppercorn, cinnamon, lemon oil

Larb is another meat dish, it calls for ground beef but it can also be made with any other ground meat or vegetables. I feel like I could make this with veggie grounds or maybe even potatoes.

Mechoui Kabab

Mechoui is a grilled, cumin spiced lamb. The delicious recipe is from our Moroccan uncle who ran a restaurant in Brussels. The Charissa-tomato-dip is a milder version of the labor-intensive original. Get to know our family summer favourite, the fusion couscous salad, which is always a hit at potlucks. It shall turn out juicy and refreshing. Use as much lemon juice as you like.

Our spice kit includes:

  1. cumin coriander, paprika, garlic, turmeric
  2. cumin, turmeric, garlic, red chili pepper

Mechoui Kabab is a lamb dish but it can also be made with potatoes or any other firm vegetables. My Dad has an abundance of potatoes in the garden right now so that’s what I will use.

Jerk Chicken

Pleasantly fragrant Jamaican allspice and hot-fruit Scotch Bonnet chile are the main ingredients for the unique Jerk flavour. Scotch Bonnet chile originates in Jamaica and is very common in Caribbean cooking. Use it carefully, it’s very hot.

Our spice kit includes:

  1. allspice, thyme, black peppercorn, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg
  2. scotch bonnet chile powder

Our last recipe calls for chicken but once again I can substitute the meat for potatoes. I feel like I could also use tofu in place of the chicken.

SpiceBreeze Review July 2018 – Final Thoughts

The July SpiceBreeze has some really great recipes but there was definitely a heavy focus on meat dishes. Typically that wouldn’t work for someone like myself but SpiceBreeze is really great at providing substitute examples. For the July recipes I am able to substitute potatoes for the meat in most of the recipes. This is actually quite convenient because my Dad has an abundance of potatoes in his garden which need to be used. We also have a lot of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and onions, all of which would make a great side dish salad for all of the recipes. I like to get use out of the ingredients we have on hand and that’s exactly what I will be able to do with the July SpiceBreeze recipes. This is a great subscription for those of you who like to get creative in the kitchen. I highly recommend it.





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