SpiceBreeze Review June 2019

Every month my mail lady delivers 4 plane tickets to travel to 4 different destinations. I don’t have to leave my home, just turn on the stove top and get my apron on. The boarding passes come inside a folder and they give us a glimpse of the meals we’ll be making, plus a little bit of culture from the countries of origin. That’s SpiceBreeze delivered to your door!

SpiceBreeze is a monthly subscription that delivers 2-4 recipes with their spice kits for you to cook meals from around the world. You can choose between 2 recipes or 4, and it starts at $6.80 per month.

For June 2019, we boarded with destination to Sweden, Korea, Turkey and the US.

Espresso BBQ- American Culinary Spice Kit

This recipe blends espresso beans with mild ancho chilies for an aromatic flavor without the bitterness to rub onto meat or grilled vegetables. The kit includes: ancho chili pepper, onions, espresso beans, black mustard, cinnamon, cumin and chipotle pepper. Cannot wait to try this!

Urfa Kebab- Turkish Culinary Spice Kit

“Urfa Kebab has a chocolate aroma with a mild heat from Urfa pepper. Both can be widely found in Southern Turkey. The irregular shaped flakes of Urfa Biber, also known as Isot pepper, are a versatile condiment that can be sprinkled on cheese, salads or vegetables of any kind for a distinct flavor.”

We received two spice kits for this recipe, Urfa Biber and Sumac.

Bulgogi- Korean Culinary Spice Kit

Bulgogi is a family favorite of ours so I am super excited to make this at home with the spices provided. We got two kits, one with shitake mushroom and black pepper and another with Korean chili pepper and salt.

Kottbullar- Swedish Spice Kit

This month’s presentation card gave us a picture of Midsummer, Sweden and some information about their tradition on June 21st, the first day of Summer. The Kotbullar are a traditional dish from Sweden made globally famous by IKEA. However Sweden revealed in 2018 that it’s origin was Turkey. In the 18th century, King Charles XII fell in love with Turkish meatballs and introduced them to his home country. Kotbullars are usually served with mashed potatoes, creamy brown sauce and sour-sweet sides: cucumber salad and lingonberry jam. Doesn’t that sound amazing? The kit blends the following spices: onions, white pepper, allspice, black pepper, yellow mustard and ginger.

SpiceBreeze Review June 2019 – Final Thoughts

We received a separate baggie of smoked sea salt but I couldn’t find any information pertaining to it, but it’s a cool extra. I will definitely be checking the website to see what I can use it on. Let me know in the comments if you have an idea!

The June SpiceBreeze was definitely a fun one to explore, and I am particularly excited to try the espresso beans rub and the Bulgogi. I am getting hungry so I’ll leave this review and get to the kitchen right now!

Lucia – https://luciametcalf.blogspot.com/




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