SpiceBreeze Review September 2017

With SpiceBreeze you get to discover popular meals from around the world with minimal time and effort. Receive each month simple recipes for 2 or 4 selected entrées with delicious flavors from different regions of the world. Includes freshly ground pure spices, pre-portioned for easy cooking and no waste. Add 2 to 5 fresh ingredients. Enjoy pure authentic flavors and relax. They kindly sent us this box for review.

This will be our second SpiceBreeze review and I have to say, I was very impressed with my first SpiceBreeze delivery. I absolutely love how organized and professional this subscription is. I certainly wasn’t expecting to enjoy this subscription as much as I have.

Subscription Details

The Box: SpiceBreeze

Cost: $11.85 per month (Quad Box) or 5.90 per month (Duo Box)

What You Get:

  • Choose to cook 2 or 4 global meals per month with either a Duo Box (includes 2 kits) or a Quad Box (includes 4 kits).
  • Each kit contains a simple global recipe and the freshly ground spices, pre-portioned in little pouches.
  • Additional recipe inspiration included in the box and available on our social media channels.

Ships to: US (free) & Canada ($1-$2)

September Theme – St. George Church Lalibela Ethiopia

This month we travel to Ethiopia. In September Ethiopian people all over the world celebrate Enkutatash, New Year. Ethiopia has a rich history that is widely unknown. The second recipe spice kit is from Sweden. It’s lightness balances the deep flavoured Ethiopian dish. Experience how delicate horse-radish powder transforms a simple sauce.

This month we received pre-portioned spices for the following recipes:


Most of the Ethiopian meals require endless hours of hands-on time in the kitchen. Tips is a convenient exception. Meat and vegetables are quickly fried in seasoned butter and berbere spice blend. Berbere is quite hot, though indispensable to get the authentic flavour.

Our first spice packet is a blend of cardamom, cumin, nigella and fenugreek. The second is a hot blend with cayenne being the first spice on the list (along with a number of other spices) they caution us to use to taste only.


Rougail is the name of a spicy condiment and of the dish called Rougail Sausages, which is a curry made from smoked sausages. This dish is one of the most well-known specialties from the cultural melting pot La Reunion.

This spice kit is actually quite simple. One blend is made up of thyme, turmeric and bay leaves and the other blend only contains makrut lime leave. I am a huge fan of lime leaves. I discovered them a couple years ago and absolutely love the flavour they lend to dishes.

Rokt Med Pepparrotssas

Pepparrotssas is a traditional Scandinavian horseradish sauce. It is especially popular in Sweden served with smoked or boiled fish, beef, or vegetables. Smoked proteins bring the weeknight dinner faster to the table.

This is another very simple kit, one blend is simply made of horseradish and the other made of dill. Our product card this month gives us some other ideas for dill. They suggest using it for a cucumber salad, on a salmon and cream cheese sandwich, in egg salad, added to a yogurt dip, or in potato salad. I always forget how much I love dill. I make a fake egg salad with chickpeas and the main spice is dill, it is SO good.


Indonesian Rendang is one of the most delicious meals of the world (voted by CNN readers). Original Rendang is cooked in coconut milk for many hours until the meat is tender and absorbed the flavours of the spices.

The first blend in this spice kit is lemongrass, galangal, makrut lime leaves, coriander, turmeric and red chili flakes. The second blend is simply red chili flakes and we are to use to taste only.

SpiceBreeze Review September 2017 – Final Thoughts

SpiceBreeze is such a wonderful subscription for kitchen enthusiasts. It’s reasonably priced, extremely organized, and so far the spice blends have been wonderful. The recipes we receive are usually meat based but this month two of the recipes offer vegan substitutes. The Rokt Med Pepparrotssas can be made with tofu and the Rougail can be made with vegan sausages. I love that they offered vegan substitues this month. I hope they continue to do this and I hope to see more veggie based recipes in the future. I would definitely recommend SpiceBreeze to anyone who likes to spend time in the kitchen.





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