Spoonie Essentials Box Review March 2017

Spoonie Essentials Box is a monthly care package of health & wellness products, inspiring words, tokens of love & comfort delivered to chronic-illness fighters worldwide! They kindly sent us this box for review.

The idea behind this box came from the firsthand experience of going in-and-out of the hospital as you fight a chronic-illness that no one can see. Being in the hospital and wishing there was some sort of “Chronic Disease Survival Pack” for all the things forgotten at home, or staying at home to rest and having friends visit without knowing exactly what they could do to support during a flair; inspired this box.

This is our first time reviewing Spoonie Essentials Box.  It really does feel like there is a subscription box for everything these days, but this one seems like it really carries something special.  How many times have you been sick on the couch with a cold wishing someone would bring you soup, cold meds and something pretty to help you get through?  Now picture that on a larger scale with someone who is battling a life threatening illness?  Thanks Spoonie!  It’s so good to know there are people out there taking care of those who need it most.

The life of a spoonie involves tons of naps, pills, and “Netflix and ill” days.  This month grab your popcorn, throw on your #SEB T-shirt, & cozy up with these essentials to make your days-in the perfect spoonie staycation!  Remember, you have championed 100% of your worst days, you got this!

The Spoonie Essentials Box contains 5-8 items each month including DIY projects, arts and crafts, tokens of love, and new all-natural health and wellness products. Out of the items at least two will be fill sized items.

Spoonie Planner Medical Diary

The Medical Diary is an invaluable tool that allows patients to record any and all pertinent information in one handbook, which they can take with them to doctors, testing and treatment appointments, and use to take charge of their healthcare.

What a great idea!  I’m sure it can get pretty overwhelming to keep track of all the necessary information to help fight your illness.  The last thing you need is to keep track of this information in your mind or on scrap pieces of paper.  Now, keep it all in one place.  There is also a spot in the beginning of the journal to tuck pieces of loose paper or receipts.  The journal itself is beautifully laid out.  I also love the colour scheme and the text.  It’s very soft and feminine.

Popcornopolis Caramel Popcorn & Gin Gin Candy

Award winning caramel popcorn made with creamy butter and our cane sugar perfect for any occasion

The perfect anti-nausea travelers candy.  Whether you have dry mouth or the occasional nauseous feeling, the all natural ginger candies are sure to delight. 

Here’s your popcorn for your “Netflix and ill” moment!  Ginger is so good for you!  I love that this has been thought of.  Whether your medication is making you sick, or you just feel nauseas in the car, these are the perfect solution.

Blanket Hug Custom Medical Mask

Custom made chronically cute mask for anyone who needs to keep germs away and do it in style

What a great idea.  I love when I see items like this in boxes, as it means there is someone out there devoting their time to making them.   Someone who thought ‘why not!’ and is putting their talents and passion to work.  When I pulled this out I pictured a pediatric nurse wearing it.  It might be a sad thought, but think of how something so small could brighten up someones day.

Syringe Highlers

A fun way to mark important dates, appointments or colour.

Use these novelty highlighters in your medical diary!  Hey, they say the first step to healing is maintaining a positive attitude and a good sense of humour.  I feel like these items get to tap into that!

Chronically Jewelled Exclusive Charm Bracelet & Ouchless Hair Ties

Limited edition exclusive jewelry piece curated for #SpoonieEssentialsBox 

Handmade and heat sealed inspirational hair ties perfect for any occasion

Love these cute items!  At first I thought the hair ties were bracelets, but hey, why couldn’t you keep them all showy on your wrists while they aren’t being used?!  The charm bracelet is so cute and sure to brighten up your mood when you see these fancy little charms dangling from your writs!


An FDA approved drug-free wrist band for the relief of nausea due to morning sickness (pregnancy), motion sickness/travel, chemotherapy, and anesthesia

This is for sure my favourite item in the box!!  What an amazing product.  How did I not know these existed?  I actually know a few people who are battling illness that could really benefit from something like this.  I’m so curious to find out how well they work.

Spoonies Essential Box March 2017 – Final Thoughts

Thought I may not be able to 100% identify with how this box may help, I feel very blessed by the items inside.  I can only imagine how someone struggling with illness would feel receiving items like this.  Like I mentioned before, just knowing someone is thinking about you and providing you items you need to get through is such a gift.  I really liked the variety of items; fun, tasty, and necessary.  Some of these items might be gone in minutes, but some you will have for a long time and they will hold their value!





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