Sticker Swap Review April 2017

Stickers Swaps is an envelope full of high quality stickers from around the world, delivered to your door monthly.  What You Get: Each month they send a minimum of 5 high quality featured stickers to their subscribers – along with a stack of random “lucky dip” stickers from our HUGE collection. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Who doesn’t love stickers?!  I feel like I can’t decide where to put them while at the same time run out of amazing places to stick-em!  I was unable to find any information on this month’s stickers.  That’s the only down fall of this box, there is no information in the envelope letting you know what you’ve got.  I know Sticker Swaps utilizes graphics from a number of artists, featuring their great ideas so you can enjoy them just about anywhere!

Sticker Swaps April 2017 – Final Thoughts

You really can’t go wrong with stickers.  The designs this month are awesome and I can’t figure out where I want to put them.  I might just have to buy a sticker book again and wheel and deal my sticker trading skills again.  Who’s in?  Again, I would love to see some information in the packet letting you in on the amazing artists featured and where you can find more of their stuff in you’re interested.  I think the fox, mountain scape and coffee cup are my fave!





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