Sticker Swaps Review March 2017

Stickers Swaps is an envelope full of high quality stickers from around the world, delivered to your door monthly.  What You Get: Each month they send a minimum of 5 high quality featured stickers to their subscribers – along with a stack of random “lucky dip” stickers from our HUGE collection. They kindly sent us this box for review.

I love stickers!  As a kid my sister and I would obsess over them.  We got together with the neighbour kids and would trade stickers all afternoon!  Tears were often shed when you accidentally traded a favourite sticker you now wish you had back.  I remember one time my mom had to go over to a friends house and ask for my sticker back because I was so sad I traded it and was too embarrassed to ask for it back myself… True story.

March Details

This month we’re shaking things up a little. We listened to your feedback and we’ve made the changes you guys wanted to see!  In this March issue we’re waving goodbye to the random sticker selection and saying hello to TEN featured artist stickers.  By doing this we are able to keep the quality of the stickers consistently high, as well as allowing more people to become members of Sticker Swaps in the future.

Cocorino – Three of our 10 featured stickers this month have been designed by the amazingly talented artist Cocorino. As well as creating designs for impressive global brands like Apple, Heineken, and Mercedes Benz— this Italian-born designer dabbles with character design, icon design and, of course, wickedly cool stickers.

Karina Rehrbehn – Incase you hadn’t heard — pugs are all the rage right now. That’s why I wanted to include this quirky design by Illustrator & Comic artist Karina Rehrbehn.

Nolart – The next sticker we featured in this month’s edition was designed by an artist from the Netherlands, whose designs take me back to my skating days. There seems to be an abundance of extremely talented street artists coming from the Netherlands and we hope to collaborate with more in the future!

Emma Brett – (Three Skulls) This sticker by Emma Brett also really brings me back to my skate days. I really love the vibe and am looking forward to seeing more art from Emma in the future.

Steve Hind – I was super excited when Steve Hind, a British designer now residing in Australia, agreed to be part of our March edition. This design really took my eye as myself and Simone love having coffee brewed in a Moka pot!

Kvachi – We recently featured US-based designer, Kvachi’s work on our Instagram page, and were delighted when she agreed to submit her amazing sushi designs for the March edition! I love her colourful illustrative style and definitely hope that this won’t be the last time that we collaborate with her!

The quality of these stickers are really great!  The graphics are good and the paper quality is also really good!  I love the variety and that there isn’t one particular theme, but you are just getting a bunch of random stickers from inspired places around the world and pop culture.

Sticker Swaps March 2017 – Final Thoughts

This is a pretty fun box and it brings back a lot of really great memories!  It’s really inexpensive and will satisfy that sticker craving without breaking the bank!  What do you think of Sticker Swap?  Did you also have a sticker book as a kid and spent hours upon hours trading in and trading up those sticky pieces of art?





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