Surprise Pawty Review May 2017

Surprise Pawty is a monthly pawty box curated for you and your best furiend at home! Toys, treats, accessories, essentials – you’ll need it all to throw a PAW-some pawty. They kindly sent us this box for review.

We believe that every day with your furry furiend should be a celebration. Our Surprise Pawty boxes are designed to serve that exact purpose. We make it our mission to paw-pick only the very best products for your dogs as we would for ours. Natural, healthy, organic treats along with safe and durable toys are our priority. Not only that, as doggy parents, we understand the time and commitment it takes to care for your furbabies, which is why our boxes are also catered to you as well! With our boxes, you will discover innovative and exciting products that serve to make your care for your pup easier.

Surprise Pawty is a brand new subscription box on the market and this is our first time getting it into our paws!  Bentley and I are pretty darn excited about a new dog box and can’t wait to show you what we got.  First off, let’s break down the box a little bit.  Surprise Pawty wants you to first tell them what kind of dog you have in size, from tiny (less than 10 pounds) to large (more than 50 pounds).  The box’s toys and treats are catered to your dog.  They want to know if your dog has allergies, what types of toys they like and the kind of things you would normally buy for them.  This really is a catered box and I felt really impressed right out of the gate!

Choose from one month, three, six or a twelve month plans, saving a bit more the longer you commit.

Poop Bags

I always appreciated a roll of doggie poop bags.  This is something you just never want to run out of as a pet owner.  I find I go through about a roll of bags a week with Bentley.  This can really add up and the stock pile can diminish without me even realizing it.

A bone carabiner is also provided to all first time subscribers!  I love keeping a carabiner attached to Bentley’s leash.  It just makes it so easy when I need to tie him up somewhere quick or attach him if we are sitting in a park for a while.  I also use it to attach his leash to my belt loop while walking!  A must for all dog owners.

Ridgerunner Antlers – Split Elk Antler

Coming straight from the Rockies, these antlers are 100% naturally shed.  This antler treat helps satisfy the chewing needs for a dog of all sizes. 

I bought Bentley an antler once before and he didn’t take to it.  This one he took right away and has been chewing on since it arrived!  Maybe this one just has a little more goodness on it.  I really like these types of treats, as this is about as natural as it can get.

Luckydogs Bakery – Grain-free Cheddar Cheese Treats

Follow the biscuit crumbs into the woods and you will stumble upon a house made of cheese!  These grain-free treats are sure to delight your pup and will leave your pup begging for more.

This is exactly the type of treat I like to get for Bentley!  Small batches, baked, grain free and smell good enough for human consumption!  No, I didn’t try one!

Patchwork Pet TuffPuff Lion & Pimply Fido – Rubb ‘n’ Roll Bone

Wish upon this magical bone for more toys and more noms!  Both flexible and durable, this bone is made from 100% natural solid rubber.  It’s also biodegradable and non-toxic!

Both of these are great options for Bentley!  He can chew through a toy pretty quickly if he’s feeling up to it.  This Roll Bone will be perfect for him.  I’m not sure how long the lion will last, being a squeaker and all, but I know it will be a favourite of his until all the stuffing is pulled out and all over my house!

Surprise Pawty Magical Lantern

Celebrate the bond with your pup with this lovely handmade mystical lantern.  Believe in the magic!  

Cute!  They did say there may just be a surprise for the human as well.  Such a cute little item.  Perfect for the patio or back yard.

Surprise Pawty May 2017 – Final Thoughts

I’m really impressed with my first glance at this box.  From the personal questionnaire, to the themed box itself, the informative product card and all the great items provided you can tell every detail has been thought off!  All the dog items are 100% usable and will be thoroughly enjoyed by Bentley!  The cute human gift was a sweet little touch and really tied up the box nicely.  The items were well varied from a bag of treats, chew toys and a chew bone.  This is really all you need for a solid month worth of good pet ownership.  Great job Surprise Pawty!  We like what you’re doing.

-Shonah & Bentley




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