Takeout Kit Review April 2017

Takeout Kit is the ONLY meal kit with a 2 month shelf life. They scour the globe for hard-to-find ingredients and create flavorful meal kits to send you each month. They kindly sent us this box for review.

If you have ever received a meal kit from any of the brands such as Blue Apron or Hello Fresh you know there is a certain amount of anxiety involved in making sure you get all the meals prepared before they lose their freshness. The folks at Takeout Kit have set out to eliminate “meal kit stress” by creating delicious meal kits from around the world with a shelf life of two months.

Each kit is enough to feed 3-4 adults, and there is a difficulty rating so you know the skill level required for the kit you choose.

I am a huge fan of Spanish Paella and try to order it anytime I find it on a menu. I had to have it when I saw Spanish Paella with Chorizo & Artichokes on the meal list from Takeout Kit.

Admittedly, I haven’t had a chance to prepare the kit because between Spring Break trips and soccer practice things have been a bit hectic, but that’s the beauty of Takeout Kit. I can make it anytime in the next couple of months!

I love the Takeout Kit concept because all of the items are packaged so they do not require refrigeration. The Paella recipe included packaged Chorizo which is cured.

I am planning the Paella for our next “home date night”. Now, I just need to choose the perfect wine to accompany.

Takeout Kit has many exciting global-inspired meals, and there seems to be something for every preference. The kit selection currently includes choices such as Argentinian Empanadas & Sofritos, and Thai Crab Curry & Jasmine Rice.

They also have a selection of samplers, which include 3 kits each.  The selections include the Takeout Kit Vegetarian Sampler, a Meat Lover Sampler, and their Best Seller Sampler.





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