Taste & Curiosity Review April 2017

Taste & Curiosity delivers unique snacks from all over the world to your doorstep. Try delicious new flavours at affordable prices.  Currently you can get boxes from Germany, France, UK, Korea, Japan or China.  Each box is bursting with a bundle of candies and treats that you may never have a chance to try otherwise! They kindly sent us this box for review.

I have a bit of a correction to make from my last posting.  I mentioned you could only get boxes from Taste & Curiously that were centred from Asian countries, this is untrue!  I’m all too happy to make this correction, as this month I received their UK box and I’m super excited about it!!  Half my family is British and I traveled to London and Scotland last year with my mom.  This box is bringing back lots of memories from childhood as well as from my trip just last year.  Let’s dive in!

English Creamy Toffee

These traditional British toffees will radiate creamy happiness as they melt in your mouth

These are straight outta my childhood.  My grandma would always have candies like this on hand.  There is nothing quite like good English toffee.  You can get toffee here and pretend it’s just as good, but it isn’t and those who know what I’m talking about… know what I’m talking about!

Butter Shortbread Fingers & Royal Assam Tea

Crumbly, butter shortbread fingers that make the perfect companion for any tea.  Davilles of Windsor is one of the oldest companies to carry the Royal Warrant, which means they also supply the UK Royal Palace.  Drink with your pinky up!

Ok, so this shortbread is amazing.  The reason I know is because my mom and I bought a plethora of it on our trip.  We bought some in Scotland thinking it would be so nice to treat our family with it when we arrived at their houses… We didn’t treat anyone but ourselves on the train ride over.  Yup, we ate it all.  No shame about it either because we bought some for ourselves to take home to enjoy.  Yea, that didn’t make it home either.  There is nothing like good shortbread!

Guiness Potato Chips

Combine thick-cut potato chips with rich Guiness flavours and you get a unique bitter sweet crisp that matches the quality of the famous Guiness stout.

Ok, truth be told here, I’m not a big fan of Guiness… I do love a good stout, but typically I like my stouts from Belgium!  I am super curious about these chips though!

Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer

This little bar is five layers of wafer, four layers of caramel, and nine layers of delicious!

Umm… This is also 10 layers of happy, 6 layers of joy and 1 layer completely mine!  I’ve never heard of this treat, but the only thing better than British toffee is British caramel!  Can’t wait to try.

Fruit Pastilles

These iconic British gummy candies are bursting with fruit flavour and coated with sugar

These remind me of the kind of treat my great aunties would bring us when they came to visit from England!

Jaffa Chocolate Bar

Dark chocolate bar with a sweet Jaffa orange fondant filing that will excite any candy lover

The British and their orange chocolate!  I tell ya, it’s a real thing over there.  I’m not a huge fan of orange chocolate, but I love that this is provided, because it screams British to me!

Taste and Curiosity April 2017 – Final Thoughts

I love this month’s box!  It really speaks to me.  The last two boxes I have reviewed for Taste & Curiosity have been more of an Asian flavour and I felt I couldn’t really speak into the quality as I didn’t know much about the product.  Now that I have received a box full of items I recognize or can vouch for I can really say that Taste & Curiosity is a fantastic box!  Regardless of the country featured I know they are providing great product that really highlights the country of origin.  As a traveler this box brought back great memories of my time in the UK and I look forward to enjoying these treats over a cuppa!





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