TastyIslandCrate Review June 2017

TastyIslandCrate is a Caribbean snacks subscription box that sources the best island snacks for you to try monthly. They give a taste of the Island life right from the comfort of your own home. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

This is our first time reviewing TastyIslandCrate so let’s go over the details:

When you sign up for a subscription you have two options to choose from – Mini Island Crate & Original Island Crate.

Mini Island Crate ($14):

  • 4+ Caribbean snacks in every box
  • A fun facts card about the featured island
  • Taste a mixture of biscuits, cheese snacks and chips
  • Free shipping(USA only)

Original Island Crate ($25):

  • 10+ Caribbean snacks in every box
  • A fun facts card about the featured island
  • Taste a mixture of biscuits, cheese snacks and chips
  • Free shipping(USA only)

This month we are reviewing the Original Island Crate, here’s a closer look….

National Vanilla Sandwich Cookies

Experience the pure vanilla bliss that abounds in our Vanilla Sandwich Cookies. Inside each packet you will find four pairs of delightfully crisp vanilla cookies with creamy vanilla filling.

Wibisco Shirley Biscuits

Shirley biscuits have truly been a Caribbean Classic for over 60 years. Nothing else in the world quite matches up to its unique, creamy taste and it continues to be a favourite snack today. Shirley’s unforgettable house and flowers design are a key feature.

Catch Chocolate Bar

CATCH BAR has Smooth Deliciously Creamy Caramel Covered in Crispies & Coated in Real Milk Chocolate.

National Tea Biscuits & National Ginger Biscuits
Devon Chocolate Digestive Cookies

Premium digestive biscuit covered in rich milk chocolate.

National CheesTrix

Open a bag of this savoury snack and enjoy the crisp perfection in every bite. Our Cheez Trix is an iconic Jamaican favourite for kids and a delightful, fun-flavoured snack for adults. Made with real cheese and a unique blend of choice ingredients, CheezTrix is an irresistible treat that will excite your taste buds.

Sunshine Snacks CheeZees

Crunchy cheese sticks made with real cheese.

Sunshine Snacks Caramel Crunch

Crunchy, caramel coated popcorn with peanuts.

St. Mary’s Banana Chips

St. Mary’s Banana Chips are made with hand-reaped Caribbean bananas, blessed by the Caribbean Sea and Sun and inspired by our passion for great food.

Jamaican Choice Sweet Plantain Chips
TastyIslandCrate Review June 2017 – Final Thoughts

TastyIslandCrate did a good job with their first box. There’s definitely some room for improvement, but they stuck to the Caribbean Island theme and provided a good amount of snack options. I really like the variety we received – cookies, chocolate, chips, salty, sweet……etc. The only thing I would have liked to see is a product card. I know product cards aren’t a crucial part of a subscription box, but when it comes to international snack boxes I find them very useful. I would also love to see different packaging going forward. A nice outer appearance can set the tone for the unboxing experience. I’m looking forward to seeing more from them in the future.





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