Tea Runners Review August 2017

Tea Runners is the world’s finest tea club. Every month their members receive a curated collection of four of the world’s best loose leaf teas, along with tasting notes and brewing instructions. Each box contains enough tea for 30-50 cups.   Tea Runners brings the undiscovered world of small batch loose leaf tea to your door. They receive dozens of samples every month, taste them all, and select only the best. They kindly sent us this box for review.

August 2017 Details

At Tea Runners our mission is to make the highest quality loose leaf teas in the world easy and fun to experience.  August marks the 6 month point since we began, and we’re overjoyed at the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our members.  But we’re still working hard to make Tea Runners even better.  We are so excited to announce some new services coming this fall by popular demand!

  1. Get more of your favourite teas.  In September, we’ll be launching our web store where you can buy more of the teas you loved in your subscription box.
  2. Choice.  Do you love the pure teas but not the flavoured blends?  In October, we’ll begin offering a choice of boxes so you get more of the kinds of teas you love.
  3.  Steep like we do!  We’ve ordered a few hundred of the little glass teapots you see on our social media and they’ll be available for purchase on our website this fall!

I am IN LOVE with this tea box!  I’ve received it a number of months in a row now and the box itself still gets me all excited.  I just can’t get enough of their nautical theme and the play on colonial times and the height of sea traders.  The gold packaging really speaks a lot too.  It’s a simple thing, but it makes the box so professional and clean-looking.  Let’s take a look and see what our August box brought us…


Nirvana is one of American Tea Room’s most popular teas.  It is a very refreshing green tea blend that makes a delicious cup, hot or iced tea.  A heavenly combo of sencha-style green tea, peony petals, berries, and figs, Nirvana is light in caffeine and has a smooth, sweet, and lightly floral flavour.  Open up the bag and rejuvenate your tea spirit!

Yum!  This sounds delicious.  I really like the mix of peony and berries.  Can’t wait to sip this.

Ear Grey Lavender

With citrusy bergamot pressed from real fruit and flowers, and the intoxicating fragrance of organic lavender blossoms, this Earl Grey is a relaxing wake up beverage to compliment your morning.  Unusual enough to leave a lasting impression, Earl Grey Lavender still has that smooth exquisite aftertaste and will pair perfectly with a buttered scone or even a sweet treat in the afternoon.

Ahh!  You must be snooping in my tea cupboard, because I add dried lavender to my teas at home!  Add a bit of honey to this and I betcha one bag wont be enough to satisfy the cravings.

Classic Laoshan Black

Laoshan is a small village near the sea in northeast China.  Laoshan black teas are usually small and tippy, lacking the white pekoe-style hairs that give black teas their golden colour.  This Classic Laoshan Black, grown under the shadow of a sacred mountain, is very smooth and viscous with a robust flavour that has a distinct dark chocolate bite.  People often question whether sugar was added to this tea, but it’s simply the weather and soil that make this tea naturally sweet and thick.

This sounds so exotic and intriguing to me!  Can’t wait to try this one.

Imperial Green Biluochun

This Imperial Grade Green Biluochun is created from young tender shoots of tea buds plucked during the first flush of spring (2017) and then expertly processed into these tightly rolled pure bud “pearls” of fresh tea.  The taste of the tea is sweet, thick and vibrant with some slight astringency that counters the sweetness, lending it depth and complexity. 

Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tea look like this before.  It’s almost too pretty to drink!  I think the sound of sweet and vibrant is too good to pass up though.

Tea Runners August 2017 – Final Thoughts

What can I say.  This box really speaks for itself.  Such a nice variety of flavours and blends this month.  I’m really happy with the selections!  I can’t say I’ve received a box I haven’t been happy with.  I love the amount of each blend provided.  There is enough here for a few decent sized pots of tea.  There is nothing worse than getting all addicted to a new tea only to run out after three cups worth.  I absolutely love the upgrades coming this fall!  This really shows you that Tea Runners listens to their audience and provides updates based on feedback.  I’m so excited for this box to grow and become even better!





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