Terra Bella Box Review July 2017

Terra Bella Box is a monthly subscription box for natural beauty products that are handmade in small batches, by small businesses. They kindly sent us this box for review.

I have been reviewing Terra Bella Box for quite some time. I have always been a fan of this subscription box for a couple of reasons – it’s simple, not over-the-top, and they focus on natural beauty products. This is my kind of box!

Here’s a look at the items I received in my July Box:

Sarah’s Sweet Scrubs Room & Body Spray ($15)

Bring the smells of Hawaii with you wherever you go with my body/room sprays made from the finest organic Hawaii grown essential oils. My fragrances are as intoxicating as the natural plants and flowers because they actually are! These are unlike anything else you have experienced – a true Hawaii tropical dream!

These are not synthetic fragrances imitating nature with candy or chemical like finishes with that heavy perfume after taste. Because of this my fragrances are not overwhelming and will not bother others- they are subtle but yet strong and inviting. This is one of Sarah’s favorite products!

I just received this in another subscription box but it was a different scent. This time I received Island Life Gardenia & Pikake. I like that it can be used a number of different ways – body spray, perfume, room spray, linen spray, or car refresher.

Bonjour Jolie Beach Waves Salt Spray ($12)

An all natural alcohol free sea salt spray to add texture and waves without making your hair sticky or drying it out. Has argon oil for moisturizing so your hair is left soft!

This is interesting. Bonjour Jolie is a Time of the Month Subscription Box that has been around for quite some time. Now it looks like they are adding beauty products to their product offering.

Babo Botanicals Clear Zinc Sport Stick Sunscreen ($12.95)

Babo’s broad spectrum UVA/UVB sport stick is great for the face, lips, nose, ears and anywhere with extra sensitive skin. This stick goes on clear, is non-greasy and rubs in well. Our hypoallergenic formula contains the power-packed protection of zinc, plus rich, skin-soothing certified organic oils, including jojoba.

I love that this is made with organic oils including jojoba. I’ve said this before but jojoba is one of my favourite skincare ingredients. This sunscreen stick is perfect for your purse or beach bag.

Scrub Me The Right Way Raspberry Sorbet Lip Scrub ($9.99)

Handmade in small batches and flavored with the best raspberry essence and skin loving oils, our scrub will leave your lips soft and supple!

This lip scrub smells lovely. It is very sweet and fruity. I like that it is made with 4 different skin-loving oils. I’m a huge fan of lip scrubs. They leave my lips feeling so soft. I like to use a lip scrub every week or two…..if I remember.

Terra Bella Box Review July 2017 – Final Thoughts

If you like to discover new skincare products this just might be the box for you. Even more so if you prefer natural skincare products. Terra Bella Box always introduces me to new brands and new products. Some of my favourite skincare products have come from this box. I love that it is simple and only contains a few items each month. I don’t find it overwhelming, which can be the case with larger subscription boxes. This month’s box has a Summer vibe thanks to the Island Life body spray, the Beach Waves Salt Spray and the Sunscreen Stick. I love Summer-themed boxes!!





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