Terra Bella Box Review March 2017

Terra Bella Box is a monthly subscription box for natural beauty products that are handmade in small batches, by small businesses. They kindly sent us this box for review.

It looks like Terra Bella Box is doing things a little different this month. The product card appears to have one feature product, and then a list of 5 other products all from the same company of which subscribers will receive 3 of. So they have one main product and a feature brand. I wonder if this is what we can expect going forward. I kind of like the idea of featuring a different brand each month. It’s always nice to test out a few products from a certain company.

Here’s a look at the items I received in my March Box:

Cultivar Organic Deeply Nourishing Daily Moisturizer ($48)

This is a non-greasy, lightweight moisturizer that penetrates deeply to hydrate the skin while balancing the tone and texture of the skin. 

Wow, I can’t get over the value of this feature item. It’s more than the cost of the box itself. I’ve never heard of this brand before so I did a little research. It is made with Organic Abyssinian, Argan, Meadowfoam, Chia & Prickly Pear Oils & Essential Oils Of Muhuhu (Indian Sandalwood), Palmarosa, Rosemary, Cocoa Absolute & Carrot Seed, and is said to be Perfect For All Skin Types – Also Safe & Effective For People With Psoriasis & Eczema. It receives 5-star reviews on their website. People seem to really love the formula.

Wellsmith Extra Large Bath Bomb ($6)

This is the first of 3 products from Wellsmith. I have received their products before, so I recognized the brand right away. The only problem is, I wasn’t able to do any research on the items as I couldn’t find any product listings on their website.

In regards to this first product, I am super happy to have received it. I love bath bombs, and this one is ginormous!! I received Lavender Vanilla but subscribers could have also received Green Tea Aloe.

Wellsmith Herbal Bath Tea ($8)

This is one of the products I have received from Wellsmith in other subscription boxes. It comes with its own little steeping bag. You pour salts into the bag, heat water to a boiling point, add the tea bag for 15 minutes, and then pour the water into your bath water. It says you can also place the bag directly into the bath. It is a mixture of epsom salt, chamomile, roses, lemon grass, passion-flower and orange peel.

Wellsmith Unscented Shea Butter ($8)

I’m always happy to receive shea butter. It’s a really great moisturizer. Subscribers could have received the scented version or the unscented version. I always prefer a scent when it comes to body products, but at the same time it will be good to have on hand when the BF needs a little moisture in his life. He would definitely prefer something unscented.

Terra Bella Box Review March 2017 – Final Thoughts

At first glance, this month’s box isn’t that exciting. Last month’s Terra Bella Box definitely had more curb appeal – can I describe it that way? But, when you break it all down, the March Terra Bella Box is actually pretty great. Their feature product is high value and receives rave reviews. I’m actually really looking forward to trying it out. It’s the kind of product I look for in my natural beauty boxes. And in regards to the rest of the items, they are beauty product essentials – bath bomb, bath salt and heavy-duty moisturizer. They may not be the most exciting beauty products, but they are beauty products we can all definitely use. This month’s Terra Bella box is practical and it has great value. I think they did a great job!





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