The FEoNA Box Review July 2017

The FEoNA Box is Canada’s first subscription box for female entrepreneurs – a guilt free experience of treating yourself while investing in yourself. Items include lifestyle, self care and business building tools and accessories to help you grow personally and professionally! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

Have a guilt free experience of self worth, self love, self indulgence and self growth! We send out boxes on a bi-monthly basis (every other month). What will be in each box? In each box, you will receive 4 to 6 items:

  • Office Supplies, Accessories, Decor, Stationery
  • Style Accessories
  • Beauty & Skincare Items
  • Indulgent and Health Snacks
  • Books, Business Worksheets, Cheat Sheets, Planners
  • Promo Codes, Discounts (e.g. on products and services such as business/life coaching, webinars)

Be empowered, motivated, inspired and encouraged!

This is our first time reviewing The FEoNA Box and I feel pretty excited about it!  I haven’t received a box themed quite like this before, so new themes, new boxes and Canadian boxes can really get me going!  Let’s take a look at the July box…

At first glance I feel pretty impressed!  Just a few higher quality items and a couple real focused items for that entrepreneur lifestyle.

Ok, I have to apologize right out of the gate here. . . I got a little obsessed with the scarf they provided.  It is absolutely gor-geous!!  I couldn’t help myself, I had to feature it in every single photo!

Postcard Manifesto by – Carrie Green 

I feel like I’m starting to see more and more boxes provide an encouraging little graphic.  I just love this!  I think I will collect them all and do a huge mosaic on my office wall.  It will be like having a Pinterest feed right there to inspire me day in and day out.

90 Day Gratitude Journal

A compact journal to write your daily gratitude statements, to help you appreciate what you have, focus on the positive things in life and gain a new perspective of what is important to you.  

Gratitude is so important in life!  It can really be a game changer.  I like that The FEoNA Box is encouraging you to take some time and reflect on all the good things going on in your life.  The moment you do something like this a lot of that greed, striving and grumpiness can just wash away!

Balance Mist

A light facial mist that has a blend of delicious ingredients to stimulate your mind and put everything back into balanace.  100% natural, protects skin from daily toxins and promotes cell renewal.  Keep Bloomiss Balance Mist in your purse, desk, and home whenever you need a refreshing wake up during the day.  

I needed a bit of a pick me up right now!  I am loving the smell of this Balance Mist.  Very earthy, yet refreshing and light.

Agate Necklace on Organza Ribbon

Agate is often referred to as the “Stone of Balance”, bringing protection, balance, strength and security to the wearer.  A large Agate stone is set on a golden organza ribbon necklace, with a sliver chain extender, finished off with an a unique silver heart. Michele creates what she calls “Wearable Art for the Passionate Soul”.

Such a beautiful and delicate piece!  I can get a little stuck on the same necklace day after day.  This one is subtle enough that you could wear it with just about anything, yet fancy enough that if you had it on for a meeting or party it would stand up to the occasion!

Mid Year Review & Goal Setting

Ah!  I can get so addicted to books like this.  Does anyone get more joy out of filling it in than actually completing the goals?!  Hope I’m not alone there.  If one of the goals in here is, “Fill out this book in its entirety” I’ll 100% nail it!

Lightweight Scarf

Perfect lightweight, vibrantly coloured scarf to throw over your shoulders as you adjust from the smouldering summer heat to the indoor frigid air conditioning.

This scarf is so stunning!  I am definitely a scarf person.  I’ll even wear them in the summer out side.  They are such a nice way to spruce up a solid colour maxi-dress.  I can’t get over the colour pattern of this.  This is why I just had to feature it in every photo, so you can really see all the variations and colours in it.  I’m totally in love here.

The FEoNA Box July 2017 – Final Thoughts

I’m feeling pretty impressed with this box!  Being an entrepreneur can be super hard.  Staying motivated and encouraged to keep going are real challenges. The FEoNA Box is doing a really good job of pumping me up!  Feeling the love and self care here.  There is a good mix of practical items and fun presents here – Love that.  I can’t wait to see a bit more from FEoNA, as we usually say after about three boxes you really get a feel for a subscription and what it’s like on a consistent basis.  Right out of the gate though I’m loving what I’m seeing and will utilize every item in this box!


The FEoNA Box

A subscription box for female entrepreneurs and professionals; a guilt free experience and gift that is delivered directly to you on a bi-monthly basis offering a mix of lifestyle, self-care […]

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