The Geeky Decal Review April 2017

The Geeky Decal is a monthly subscription that sends you stickers, magnets, decals and more, centred around a cult classic or geek style show, movie, game and more!  I may or may not be shaking a little!  When I first heard about Geeky Decal and Sarah asked me to review it my very first thought was, ‘Ok, but when is the Mario box coming?’  Literally, that’s what I thought.  All I could do was wait for them to theme a box on Super Mario Brothers!  AND HERE IT IS!!!!

I don’t usually provide all the details on the index card for Geeky Decal, because they are quite long with back stories on why they have chosen this theme, but for Mario, I’m going to share the whole thing with you…

Nintendo has been around since 1889, founded in Japan as a playing card company.  In the 1960’s Nintendo tried and failed at being a taxi company, a hotel chain, making instant rice, and manufacturing vacuum cleaners.  Nintendo broke into the video game industry in 1972 with involvement in the first commercially available video game console, the Magnavox Odyssey, as well as other electronic gaming projects and joys.  The Nintendo Entertainment System released in 1985.  It was an instant success.

Nintendo struck gold when they hired 24-year-old artist Shigeru Miyamoto in 1977.  Miyamoto created some of the most iconic gaming franchises, such as Donkey Kong, Mario, and Zelda.  Growing up, Miyamoto was a huge fan of Walt Disney.  By 1990, his Mario character had become more recognizable worldwide than even Mikey Mouse.

Mario first hit the arcade scene in Donkey Kong (1981), then called Jumpman.  He was eventually renamed Mario after Nintendo’s American warehouse landlord, who was angry about past due rent!  The rest, as they say, is history.

I feel anyone who was raised in the 80’s or 90’s would say their geekiness started with Nintendo.  I can’t even tell you how many hours I’ve spent playing Nintendo’s Mario Brothers.  Let’s just say I could probably have a doctorate in it by now.  My text tone on my phone has been the Mario coin sound for about four years now.  All my other ring tones are Mario based and I just recently added the Zelda theme to a contact.  Embarrassed?  NOPE!  I have had so many random conversations with strangers when my phone goes off and they say, “Is that Mario?”  It connects us.

The Geeky Decal May 2017 – Final Thoughts

This really is the best Geeky Decal I’ve received and if all their months were centred around Mario Brothers I probably wouldn’t mind.  This box really speaks for itself.  If you’re a geek, like me, and have your ringtones set to gaming theme songs, this box is for you.  I’m probably going to go buy a clear case for my laptop now so I have something to stick all of these stickers on.  The controller magnet is going directly on my fridge and that button is going to find a special place in my office.  I feel like only true gamers can understand the kind of camaraderie and memories that come up when looking at decals like these.  Now, who’s up for a round of Mario Cart?





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