The Geeky Decal Review March 2017

The Geeky Decal is a monthly subscription that sends you stickers, magnets, decals and more, centred around a cult classic or geek style show, movie, game and more!  This month they are focusing in on us Disney geeks and I couldn’t be more excited about it!  I believe my exact reaction when I opened this box was, “Holy crap!  It’s Beauty and the Beast!” and I may or may not have looked like a child opening tickets to Disneyland while saying that.  I have my moments.

I’ve reviewed a couple months of The Geeky Decal now, but this one so far resonates the most with me!  I’m a Disney-child for sure and was raised on all the classic Disney movies.  I remember seeing Beauty and the Beast when it first came out in the theatres as a kid.  I just recently saw the new release and cried like a child.  I have no shame admitting to this.

I’m in love with the art work for Belle on this sticker!  I love different takes on the Disney cartoons, as sometimes the original looks can be really over done and saturated.

The quotes on these items are amazing!  I’m loving this book mark and sticker!

This is the first time I’ve seen an item in The Geeky Decal that wasn’t a sticker or decal.  This tea bag is such a nice little touch to this month’s package.  The teapot and tea cup are so cute!  I really like that they aren’t Beauty and the Beast centred art, but rather just a really pretty design that supports the theme.

I think my only complaint about this box is how I am never going to be able to decide where to stick all of these amazing treasures!

The Geeky Decal Review March 2017 – Final Thoughts

Obviously I’m in love here.  The Disney kid in me is just freaking out!  I was already a fan of this subscription, as the quality of the art work and items are very consistent.  I also really like how they play into the quotes and images that only true fans are going to know.  I have, however, felt a little left out the past two months, as I am not a huge Harry Potter fan and didn’t really know about Dr. Who.  This is the box I’ve been waiting for from The Geeky Decal!  Something I know and love well!!  I’m so excited.  I feel like this month I got a real taste as to what this subscription box really is.





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