The Geeky Decal Review May 2017

The Geeky Decal is a monthly subscription that sends you stickers, magnets, decals and more, centred around a cult classic or geek style show, movie, game and more!  This month is a little more somber as we dive into The Geeky Decal.  This month we remember a great loss in Carrie Fisher.  A galaxy wide moment of silence might be in order here…

May 2017 

In loving memory of Carrie Fisher.  “… She will always be the princess who took command and never backed down, never was in jeopardy.  She was always helping the other guys get out of the messes she created.  We’ll all love her forever and ever” – George Lucas

And that is all that is written on the information card this month.  Fitting it seems.  No need to over word this one.  I think any geek gets it.

I love that the items are Star Wars related.  They are also pretty generic in their imagery yet aren’t your typical Star Wars symbols and designs.  I was (ok still am) a huge Star Wars nerd, so none is lost on me here.

The Geeky Decal May 2017 – Final Thoughts

I’m so happy they curated a box just for Carrie Fisher!  I understand that she is best known for Star Wars, however When Harry Met Sally is in my top three favourite movies of all time and Carrie Fisher is amazing in it!  I would have loved to see a tribute or two to some of her other work as well.  All in all, I’m feeling somber after this one, but am loving the tribute and all the Star Wars swag!





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