The Menswear Club Review April 2017

The Menswear Club is a monthly subscription for high-quality & unique brands, you will receive a parcel of 5-6 products delivered straight to your doorstep – every month. The parcel contains full-size grooming essentials, accessories, and exclusive Menswear Club products that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you love ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, moisturizers, body cleansers, hair pomade, beard oil, combs – you’ll receive all of the above and more! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Ok, is it just me or are there really some stellar men’s boxes out there?!!  Seriously boys, it’s time to join the subscription box world, because there are some really good selections out there for you.

Another apology is in order here… I just could not stop taking photos of this box!  Seriously!  Are you seeing this?  It’s a photographer’s dream.  So much colour and class.  I really had to cull the photos down to a reasonable amount otherwise this post would have been three times as long… you’re welcome.

Balitello Tally Sock’s 

These Made in USA performance dress socks will provide you with a high level of stylish comfort and durability, which is especially needed for the Spring/Summer.

I have never felt socks like this before!  They are so thick, yet stretchy and comfy!  I couldn’t be a guy in dress shoes in the summer months… I am flip flips 100% of the time and am so thankful I have a job that’s ok with that.  These socks sound like the perfect dress up/got you’re back socks if you know what I mean…. They’re good with the sweat, yet maintain the class.

The Menswear Club White Lapel Flower

This White Lapel Flower will complement your Floral Tie, as well as add the finishing touch to your overall look.

So cute!  I would wear this.  And I don’t see why I can’t pin it to a jacket or use it to tie up a scarf corner.  It’s so pretty.  I would even go so far as to say this style of Lapel Pin could replace the corsage for the groom or groomsmen at weddings.

The Laundress Wash & Stain Bar

The Wash & Stain Bar was designed to clean hard-to-wash stains, such as those on your shirt collar and underarms.  This is an ideal product for on-the-go laundering.

What a great item!  For the ever traveling businessman this would be the perfect item for your toiletries bag.  Just imagine, you’re enjoying that oh-so-delicious street hotdog right before the big meeting only to spill mustard on your shirt… Don’t worry, your Lapel Flower will cover it for now, but what about later?  No worries, just wash it with The Laundress!  Perfection. Don’t sacrifice that street dog you want so badly just cause you’re afraid of a little stain.

Walter’s Shoe Care Shoe Horn

This handy Shoe Horn will help ease your feet into your shoes.

Ok, this is so funny.  A friend of mine carries a small shoe horn in her purse with her everywhere she goes and we all made fun of her for it the other day… Who’s laughing now?  This really is a brilliant item to have with you and this one is small enough to fit just about anywhere.

EEZY Wear Mom’s Garden Floral Tie

This Floral Tie is the staple of any outfit.  Ultimately, its design is a strong indicator that Spring is officially here.

Ok, so I’m going to have to start wearing ties now, because I can’t let this baby go!  It’s so sexy!  Yes, sexy.  And with that lapel pin?  Holy.  Who’s styling now?

The Menswear Club April 2017 – Final Thoughts

I know Sarah said that The Menswear Club outdid themselves in March, but if that was outdoing themselves than April just blew the top off subscription boxes for men!  Not only could I not stop photographing these items, any decent man wouldn’t be able to stop wearing them.  I actually might have to bring back that early 90’s fashion of girls wearing ties so that I can put that cutie to good use.  I think this is it, if I were to purchase a subscription box for the man in my life, I’d start with The Menswear Club!





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