The Rad Dad Box Review April 2017

The Rad Dad Box is starter kits for new dads and their children. They send 4-6 items each month with self-care products for Dad, Dad-themed books and apparel, and toys and other baby products. They kindly sent us this box for review.

What a great box!  The Rad Dad is relatively new, having started in just December of last year.  I love that someone out there is acknowledging the dads out there.  Yes, moms are powerhouses and deserve a lot of care and attention, but dads are pulling their weight too and showing them a little appreciation and giving a pat on the shoulders can go a long way for the man of the house.

April Theme – Morning Glory

What You Get: 4-6 items; each box contains artisanal self-care products for Dad (soap, shaving cream, hand sanitizer, etc.), Dad-themed books and apparel, baby toys and other baby products, and a parenting/fatherhood comic. Your first box comes with a complimentary Rad Dad pin. A surprise gift is included every other month.

Maragogype Coffee Beans from Blend Station
We know how much parents love and need coffee, and that’s why we are so excited to offer you these maragogype coffee beans from the Chiapas region in Mexico!  This is a very strong coffee and it will give you that kick you need after 3 hours of sleep the previous night.  

Ah.  Coffee.  The life blood of parents.  I haven’t had kids yet, but my sister and brother-in-law pretty well ran off coffee for about three years there.  For a new parent running out of coffee can be like having a power outage for a teenager.  How on earth do you function now?!  I think coffee should probably be a staple in this box.

Bamboo Utensil Set by To-Go Ware
Baby needs to eat in the morning, too!  If you’re like us, you may have lost one too many plastic baby spoons in your diaper bag.  The folks at To-Go Ware have made sure this will never happen again!  Their adorable bamboo utensil set comes in a cloth case, with a carabiner attached to it for easy transport.  No more lost spoons, ever again!

Love, love, love this!  I was just talking about plastic last night with some friends and how there is just way too much of it in the world today.  We have gotten too use to the throw-away culture and need to get serious about what sort of products we are investing in.  These bamboo utensils are the perfect solution for the plastic spoons in your diaper bag!  Again, I don’t have kids, so I’m actually pretty excited about this item as a camping companion!

Cedar Shaving Cream from Rad Dad Box
We’re all about helping you with your morning routine this month, which is why we are pleased to present you with our in-house cedar shaving cream.  The smell of the woods is a perfect morning pick-me-up!

Wow!  An exclusive item made by Rad Dad themselves.  Now this is really going the extra mile.  I think more boxes should do this.  You’re already putting together an amazing box of products, why not feature something you’ve made yourself?

Fatherhood Comic from Milk Rice Comics
All dads need a laugh now and then!  Milk Rice Comics, which is written and illustrated by us, offers parenting truths and observations in comic art form.

I’m in love with this box.  Great presentation, consistent  theme, fabulous products and personal touches from the curators themselves.  Moms, this is the perfect Father’s Day gift!  Subscribe your Rad Dad to make sure he is blessed and appreciated all year long!  This box is an excellent value and provides every day use items.  Even looking at last month’s box to this month it seems like they have upped their game already.  I’m so impressed with the quality of items and would love to review this box again.





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