The Taste Box Review June 2017

The Taste Box is a monthly subscription box filled with gourmet ingredients and recipes to inspire great home cooked meals. Each month they choose a theme to base their favourite items around.  The June theme is: Fire Up The Grill!  They kindly sent us this box for review.

We haven’t reviewed this box since November, but I think we got our second box just in time!  Barbecue season is upon us.  I can just smell the steaks and veggies grilling up now.  Let’s see what sort of chef inspired ingredients we have received this month.

Wildly Delicious Serrano Chili & Cheese Street Corn Seasoning

This artisan blend of spices will have you grilling up corn on the cob all summer long!  Inspired by a Mexican street food classic, all you have to do is char some corn and slather on some mayonnaise mixed with this spice for a flavourful treat that only takes a few minutes to prepare.  Warning: Highly addictive!

Ahh!  I have corn growing in my garden right now and we are going to yield so much of it!  This will be perfect to help chow down all that delicious grilled corn!

Busters Barbecue Mild Blueberry BBQ Sauce

Busters BBQ Blueberry BBQ Sauce is hand poured in small batches in Vermillion Bay, ON.  Using all Canadian ingredients, the local blueberries are the key to this killer sauce.  This sauce has won countless awards and even appeared on The Food Network!  Goes great with pulled pork and ribs and makes a great dipping sauce and finishing sauce.

Ok, so I had to open this one up and give it a taste.  It is beyond delicious!  If you are thinking it would taste funny because of the blueberries, you’re wrong.  Just plain wrong.  It’s sweet and spicy, but has the classic smooth taste of BBQ sauce.  Where’s some pulled pork?!

Wildly Delicious Steakhouse Rub

This signature blend from this fine foods purveyor is spicy and robust with a touch of sweetness.  It gives steak, brisket, ribs and chicken a jolt of flavour that you wouldn’t expect.  A staple seasoning for any pantry or for anyone with a passion for barbecue at it’s best.  Rub generously on lightly oiled meats before throwing on the grill.  Try adding a couple of teaspoons to meatloaf and burgers for added flavour.

Can’t wait to try this.  I can be pretty useless when it comes to proper spicing.

Wildly Delicious Garlic & Basil Ketchup

The Holy Grail of condiments, this spoonable ketchup is like no other.  Completely free of preservatives and artificial colours, the result is a rich, dark, condiment that every french fry, hamburger and hot dog will appreciate.  Makes a great meatloaf glaze too.

Yup, this one was also subject to a taste test and it’s the best darn ketchup I have ever tasted!  Ketchup is way to sweet for me, but this holds all the true flavour of ketchup without all the sugar taste.  I’m in love…. with ketchup…. this ketchup.

The Taste Box June 2017 – Final Thoughts

Wow.  I’m loving this.  I’m all about the practical, and it doesn’t get more practical than sauces and spices for the kitchen.  This is going to be one jacked up BBQ season!  We absolutely love our Canadian boxes and this is such a gem.  Even looking at November’s review of this box, I’m really impressed with the items selected.  They are all usable items in your kitchen, but may stretch you a little bit out of your comfort zone.  Really loving what I’m seeing here.





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