The Tie Fix Review June 2017

The Tie Fix is a monthly tie service for tie lovers. Every Month they curate 2 high quality ties and 2 accessories.  Every dapper man needs new ties to continually spice up the look!  The kindly sent us this box for review.

This is our first time reviewing The Tie Fix.  There are so many amazing men’s boxes out there, it’s getting harder and harder to choose a favourite.  Right off the bat, I really like the packaging of this box.  My OCD is very happy seeing everything square and separated!

Solid Tie: Brand – Filthy Etiquette

This tie is so classic you could probably wear it fifty years from now and still get complements!  There is nothing like the classic staples in the wardrobe to keep the dapper going from generation to generation.

Tie Clip:  Brand – Skinny Tie Madness

Such a nice and simple tie clip!  Maybe a little short?  I don’t know the tie clip trends right now.  Loving it!  Just looks a little short on this tie.

Plaid Tie:  Brand – Skinny Tie Madness

Loving this tie!  Right on trend with the hipsters I would say.  Dress this one up or down.

Pocket Square:  Brand – Filthy Etiquette

This is such a beautiful colour!  I really like it beside the grey tie provided.  Simple, plain colour will always be a huge win with me.

The Tie Fix June 2017 – Final Thoughts

I really liked the simplicity of this box.  I was actually kind of happy there weren’t any bonus items like other boxes.  Sometimes you aren’t really sure what to do with the travel size toiletries or other items.  The Tie Fix is keeping it nice and simple with just a few quality items!





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