The Zoe Report Box of Style Review Spring 2017

Box of Style is an exclusive box curated by Rachel Zoe and her team featuring over $300 of seasonal fashion and beauty finds for only $99.99. They kindly sent me this box for review. 

Eeek! It’s here! I’ve been waiting for this box to arrive, and it’s finally here. This will be my third Box of Style review. I received the Fall 2016 Box, the  Winter 2016 box and now the Spring 2017 Box. I fell in love with this box the moment I laid eyes on it. The value is remarkable and the products are always beautiful. The Winter Box had a wonderful mixture of fashion and beauty and the total retail value was $439! That is my kind of subscription box!

Anyways, today we are looking at the Spring Box and even though I already knew what I would be receiving, I was still super excited to see everything in person.

Spring 2017 Details

Tailor-made for women on the go, this collection was carefully curated by Rachel and her team to take you from work to the weekend with glamorous ease. Plus, every chic item inside the box (think: a striking black and white carryall, a set of adjustable earrings, a screen-printed scarf) comes from a female-founded label, championing women’s empowerment from the creator to the wearer.

Tribe Alive Custom Carryall, retail value: $238

Handmade of foot-loomed black and white fabric by artisans in India, this striking handbag is detailed with cognac brown leather handles. Wear it everywhere from your morning coffee to a work meeting to a music festival.

I love everything about this bag! I love the pattern, I love the color combo, I love the cognac detail, and I love that it is casual enough to wear with my Lulus.

Tatcha Polished Rice Enzyme Powder, retail value: $65

Inspired by Eastern skincare traditions, Tatcha’s face polish is truly top-shelf. Water-activated, the prized powder combines green tea, red algae and rice-bran extracts to form an effective exfoliant that brightens and tones while remaining gentle enough for everyday use.

Tatcha is a brand that gets rave reviews, and one that I have always wanted to try. I love that this particular product can be used everyday, morning or night.

Adornmonde Ivo Earrings, retail value: $62

From hoops to bars, these modern face framers are effortlessly convertible for a personalized look. Members can choose a silver or gold and wear them together or piecemeal according to their mood.

I’m actually wearing these as I sit here writing this review. I think they are classic and trendy at the same time. I love that they can be worn two different ways. Subscribers could have received silver or gold. I definitely prefer gold so these will be worn a lot.

Symbology Scarf, retail value: $50

A fair-trade favorite, this vibrant, supersoft scarf features a peacock-inspired print with a gold-and-berry colorway to boot. Tie it in your hair, around your wrist or on your bag—anywhere that needs a pop.

This is another item I am wearing as we speak. Right now I have it in my hair and it is freakin’ cute! You can also wear it around your neck, or tied to the purse handles as a cute little purse accessory. I love it more than I thought I would.

BKR 500ml Water Bottle, retail value: $35

Fashion meets function in this cool water bottle that’ll motivate you to stay hydrated around the clock. Crafted from glass and silicone in a sleek nude shade, it puts disposables to shame.

This item kind of adds a fitness element to the box and that makes me extremely happy. I would LOVE to see more items like this in future boxes. Hint, hint……

Butter London Piece of Cake Nail Polish, retail value: $18

Transition away from winter’s dark manicures and toward this fresh, dusty pink shade. A 3-free lacquer, the polish achieves a gel-like finish without harmful ingredients.

This color is perfection. I am way past my bright coloured polish phase and am embracing neutrals and pastels. I can’t wait to apply this. I think it is so darn pretty.

Stella Artois Chalice, Retail Value: $13

663 million people around the world lack access to safe water. Every limited edition chalice helps provide five years of clean water for one person in the developing world thanks to Stella Artois and Leave your mark at

This is our sponsored item for the month. I don’t remember receiving sponsored items in the past and am wondering if we can expect to receive them going forward. Regardless, I think this glass is really pretty and it will be a nice addition to my bar station.

The Zoe Report Box of Style Review Spring 2017 – Final Thoughts

Absolutely beautiful! That’s all I can say. The Spring 2017 Box of Style is perfection. I am super excited about each and every product. None of them are out of my comfort zone, which is important, and they are all on trend. I’m most excited about the Tribe Alive Custom Carryall. It has just the right about of style, I can see myself using it all the time. But I also really love the earrings and the scarf. Who am I kidding, I love all the items we received this season. I’m tempted to say this is their best box yet. The fashion related items are perfect because they can be incorporated into a dressy wardrobe or a casual wardrobe. The polish is the perfect shade for Spring, and the water bottle adds a bit of a fitness element. I wonder if we will see more items like this in future boxes, I really hope so. The retail value of this season’s box is $468 and that is pretty darn awesome. Box of Style just might be my new favourite box to review.

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