TopMunch Review April 2017

TopMunch is a food subscription box that allows you to experience the world one country at a time with exotic food, music recommendations, travel recommendations and more. They kindly sent us this box for review.

This will be my second TopMunch review. I got to review the March box earlier this week and was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t expecting to like this subscription box as much as I do. My first box was a hit. I maybe would have liked to see a little more variety among the product choices, but everything else got an A+ in my books. The packaging, the product card, the monthly theme, and the price point are all worth mentioning. I’m interested to see if I am as excited about my second box as I was about the first.

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a TopMunch Subscription you have a few options to choose from:

  • Pay As you Go Plan – $22 per month
  • Multi-Month Prepaid Plan – from $19.60 per month
  • One-Time Purchase – $24 per month

The TopMunch Cultural Experience Box will provide items from a different country each month:

  • 5-7 Exotic and Hard-to-find Full-size treats
  • A collection based on the local music, to listen to (TopMusic)
  • A travelogue with travel tips and recommendations, for places to see (TopTravel)
  • A language guide to help you pick up local phrases (TopPhrase)

Note: Their boxes are almost always full (packed to the brim) and typically weigh around 2+ pounds.

April Theme – The United Kingdom

This month’s snack selection was done by Pratik & Karthik, both of whom are set upon opening up an office in the UK for TopMunch, just as an excuse to enjoy all that the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish cultures have to offer.

I thought that maybe I was overly excited about my first box because the theme was Italy and I am biased due to the fact that the BF is Italian. But…..upon first glance I think I am just as excited about the April box….if not more.

Product Card

I had to spend a little more time on the product card this month because I skipped it last month and it is definitely worth talking about. Each product card has a ton of information. They not only talk about each item in the box, but they also give you travel tips, culture info, a music list, and top phrases. I actually really enjoy looking through the booklet.

Crawford’s Garibaldi

These golden crispy biscuits with a definitive layer of squashed fruit in the middle have long since been a British favourite and are best enjoyed with a pot of tea or coffee. This biscuit is named after Giuseppe Garibaldi, an Italian general and leader in the fight to unify Italy.

I have a weakness for fruity snacks like this. This is the best flavour combination if you ask me – biscuits and fruit. I haven’t always felt this way, but the older I get, the more I appreciate this type of snack. These really would be amazing with a pot of tea.

Tayto Chips – Cheese & Onion

Tayto Crisps have been a firm family favourite in Irish households for over 60 years, and are credited with having invented the first ever Cheese & Onion flavoured crisps. Production started in a factory on Moore Street Dublin, where they were packed by hand in waxed greaseproof paper and delivered in airtight bins.

Crisps are the perfect snack for this month’s box and I was secretly hoping that we would see at least one bag in the mix. This also means we have better variety in this box than we did in the last. It appears as though we have some sweet snacks as well as some salty snacks.

Tayto Mighty Munch – Hot & Spicy

Mighty Munch is a hot and spicy corn snack available in Ireland made by Tayto. They are shaped into the shape of a monster’s hand or paw with three fingers and a hole in the palm, and have a delicious but oddly mild flavour, almost like ketchup.

So glad they included two bags of chips. The shape of these ones may be a little weird but the flavour sounds amazing – hot and spicy and a hint of ketchup.

Jacobs Jaffa Cakes

The delicious combination of light sponge, plain chocolate and a smashing orange bit of jam in the middle, makes Jacob’s Jaffa Cakes absolutely delicious. Made in the UK, Jacob’s Jaffa Cakes were introduced over 60 years ago and the brand is now the 3rd biggest in the biscuit market. Jaffa Cakes are named after Jaffa oranges. In 2012, they were ranked the best-selling cake or biscuit in the United kingdom.

This is the kind of snack I like to see in subscription boxes featuring items from other countries. It was ranked the best-selling cake in 2012, and if I am going to test out treats from a different country, I want to try the best. And… amazing do these sound! I love chocolate and orange together, it reminds me of Christmas. I want to dive in to these right away, but I also want to save them.

Royal Edinburgh Scottish Shortbread Biscuits

Shortbread has been made in Scotland for over three centuries from recipes handed down through the generations. Renowned throughout the world for its delicious buttery flavour, Royal Edinburgh Shortbread is steeped in this great Scottish tradition. Although the biscuits are made with simple ingredients: flour, butter and salt, you can taste the wholesome goodness as every bite melts in the mouth.

I am so glad to see these in the box. I just don’t think it would have been complete without them. I am very familiar with these biscuits and know first-hand that they are pretty darn good. I like to see familiar items in my snack boxes, I have no problem testing out new treats, but I also love to receive old favourites.

Cadbury’s Flakes

Flake is a chocolate bar, which consists of thinly folded milk chocolate. The product was first developed in 1920 after an employee of Cadbury’s noticed thin streams of excess chocolate falling from molds and cooling into flaky folded bars. An interesting fact about the flakes is that considering how thin and crumbly the chocolate bar is, it doesn’t melt at high temperatures.

I’ve seen this chocolate bar before but have never tried it. The story behind this bar is actually pretty cool. I love learning how things came to be.

TopMunch Review April 2017 – Final Thoughts

I am so impressed with my second TopMunch box. They really have done a great job with this subscription. It is professional, fun to open, and reasonably priced. This is definitely one of the better international snack boxes on the market, and I say that with confidence after only reviewing two boxes. I can tell that there is passion behind this box. The detailed product card is evidence of the time and energy that goes into the curation. I am already looking forward to my next review and that doesn’t happen too often with my International Snack Boxes. In fact, I am so excited about the next box, thinking about the goodies that it might include, that I jumped on their website to see if they had photos of past boxes. I am dying to see what other Countries they have featured. Sadly, I could find any photos on their website so I am just going to have to wait until I receive the May box to get my next TopMunch fix. Such a fun box! Thumbs up from this girl.



TopMunch Cultural Experience Box delivers amazing hard-to-find exotic treats from different countries year round exclusively for world explorers. Each box is full of delicious flavors, a travel guide, chosen music […]

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