TopMunch Review September 2017

TopMunch is a food subscription box that allows you to experience the world one country at a time with exotic food, music recommendations, travel recommendations and more. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a TopMunch Subscription you have a few options to choose from:

  • Pay As you Go Plan – $29 per month
  • Multi-Month Prepaid Plan – from $24 per month
  • One-Time Purchase – $32 per month

The TopMunch Cultural Experience Box will provide items from a different country each month:

  • 5-7 Exotic and Hard-to-find Full-size treats
  • A collection based on the local music, to listen to (TopMusic)
  • A travelogue with travel tips and recommendations, for places to see (TopTravel)
  • A language guide to help you pick up local phrases (TopPhrase)

Note: Their boxes are almost always full (packed to the brim) and typically weigh around 2+ pounds.

September Theme – Germany

This month we are traveling to Germany. One of the things I look forward to the most when it comes to TopMunch is the informative product card. This month we learn about all things Germany – top phrases, language, music, place to go, things to see, etc.

Here’s a closer look at the snacks we received in this month’s box…..

Bahlsen Leibniz Butter Biscuits

Bahlsen’s origins lie in the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Hermann Bahlsen, who launched his business in 1889 in Hannover, Germany where his descendants carry on the company today. In 1904, Bahlsen pioneered the first moisture resistant packaging for biscuits, a breakthrough that ensured every biscuit would remain as crisp as the moment it left the oven.

Bahlsen Choco-Leibniz (Dark Chocolate)

Here, Bahlsen uses the original Leibniz Butter Biscuit, topped with a lavish layer of dark European chocolate that gives you a snack, which will make you forget yourself. This is also called Leibniz-Keks and is inspired from the French Petit Buerre line of confectionery.

Ferrero German Kinder Bueno

Imagine Smooth melting milk-hazelnut cream in an airy, crispy waffle, surrounded by the finest milk chocolate. This is what Bueno is all about. A snack before your next meal, a chocolate that just keeps on giving and making you want for more. Kinder although belonging to the Italian company Ferrero, initially developed Kinder for its German market in 1967. The Kinder Bueno when launched was marketed as the first Kinder chocolate for Adults.

Ritter Sport Milk Chocolates

Ritter Sport is one of the most established chocolate brands in Germany. From their humble beginnings near Stuttgart (Germany) in 1912, to today where they have a 470 million euro turnover, Ritter Sport has stood by the quality of their chocolates. The chocolate squares were an invention by the founder, Clara Ritter who wanted to make a chocolate bar that fits in everyone’s jacket pocket without breaking and weighs the same as a normal long bar. 

Haribo Sour Gold Bears

Haribo is a German confectionery company, founded in 1920 by Johannes “Hans” Riegel, Sr. It is headquartered in Bonn and the name is an acronym formed from Hans Riegel, Bonn. Haribo made the first gummy candy in 1922 when Hans Riegel, Sr. invented the first Gummib_rchen (little gummy bears). Haribo’s German catchphrase is “Haribo macht Kinder froh _ und Erwachsene ebenso” (“Haribo makes children happy _ and adults as well”). This particular Haribos is a twist on the original gummy candy by adding a sour and tangy coating which is just captivating.

Bahlsen HIT Vanilla Cream Sandwich Cookies

Two fine, crisp, golden biscuits with delicious, vanilla cream filling. At home or while out and about, this popular classic just tastes good any time you want to snack on something sweet. Although this is originally a product of Germany, they have shifted manufacturing to Bahlsen’s Poland facility.

Lorenz Saltletts

Saltletts have been a famous baked salty snack for more than 80 years _ traditionally baked! They are a delicious pretzel snack sprinkled with sea salt. A true snack classic! Lorenz is a premium German snack brand whose owner hails from the Bahlsen family. The company’s other innovation is the ‘Lorenz Curly Peanut Flips” – crunchy roasted corn snacks with freshly ground peanuts. Both snacks are among the favorites for German soccer fans during Bundesliga games.

TopMunch Review September 2017 – Final Thoughts

TopMunch is definitely one of my favourite international snack boxes. I love how organized and thoughtful this box is. You can tell that they put a lot of thought into each box. It’s not only a snack box, it’s an experience. You learn about a different country every month which adds to the experience. I particularly like this month’s snack variety thanks to the chocolate/cookie theme we have going on. I’m a sucker for all things chocolate.





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