Trillia Planning Review March 2017

Trillia Planning is a subscription service based in Canada that delivers planner supplies, like stickers, washi, pens and stamps, to a customer’s mailbox. They kindly sent us this box for review.

We love Canadian boxes!  And we love organizing and scheduling more… we run a blog, how could we not?  What makes scheduling and planning even more fun is turning it into a creative scrapbooking project.  Trillia Planning does a super job of making sure you have all the stickers, paper, embellishments and designs you need to get those creative juices flowing.

I love the uniqueness in the items provided in Trillia.  The black outline stickers are so fun and really add some flavour to your creativity and layouts!

You will always receive a couple of squares of card stock and note cards in your Trillia Planning box.  These are great for keeping notes that need to move from week to week in your planner.  Sometimes you don’t want to stick something down and commit to it… it needs to move from day-to-day.  These note cards work perfect for those lists you just couldn’t get to this week!

I’m loving the spring colours in this months box!  Spring is definitely here, even though we had freezing rain today, its spring.  These stickers definitely get me in the mood for spending more time outside!  Can’t wait to schedule in some of that outdoor goodness.

There seemed to be so many sticker pads in this month’s box!  I really love that as I can get a little sticker obsessed and find I run out pretty quickly.  I can already tell that my next few weeks are going to be sticker abundant thanks to all these pads.

The blank stickers are often the ones I get the most use out of.  I find I need to make a lot of notes, but I still want them to look pretty!  These are awesome for meeting me halfway between my need to write and my need to design.

Trillia Planning March 2017 – Final Thoughts

I feel really impressed with what was provided this month.  I loved the colours and schemes and the amount of stickers provided.  I do find I still need to purchase stickers to make sure all my pages are just as decorated as the last; however, Trillia is a great way to get your creative juices flowing and provide you with a kick-starter kit for your month of planning and scrapbooking!





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